Alexa Bliss Almost Burned, Lee Chases WWE Title (WrestleZone Wrap-Up)

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Alexa Bliss Almost Burned, Lee Chases WWE Title (WrestleZone Wrap-Up)

It’s Monday, and you know what that means. WWE got the ball rolling on Royal Rumble hype, created a new number 1 contender for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in Keith Lee, and Alexa Bliss nearly got lit on fire by Randy Orton?! Join WZ’s Kevin Kellam and John Clark with your comments on-screen covering this week’s WWE RAW from the Thunderdome.

The wrestling world continues to process the sad news about the passing of Jon Huber, who performed as ‘Brodie Lee’ in AEW and ‘Luke Harper’ in WWE. Fans share with WrestleZone here about their favorite matches from his prolific career.

Plus a look at how WWE is rallying for WrestleMania season with Smackdown’s recent ratings boom on Christmas.

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