Alex Wright Shoots on his WCW Debut | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Alex Wright shoots on his WCW debut | Wrestling Shoot Interview
In this Wrestling Shoots video Alex Wright discusses facing Triple H at Starrcade in his WCW PPV Debut.
Right here’s a clip from the Outsiders Podcast that I discovered inviting. Take a look at out the total interview here.
The Outsiders Podcast Alex Wright Interview

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These prowrestler are superior!! your sizable debut was at starrcade94 uh in actuality you wrestled uh triple h i instruct uh jean-paul levesque on the time what was it admire going into your first match and you had some some warmth-up matches on tv sooner than that nonetheless going into the sizable starrcade that was hulk hogan .

Had upright reach aboard upright talk about what it was admire in 94 going into that sizable starrcade well you know on the time i was admire upright 18 or 19 years faded and um it's deal of rigidity because initially i i don't know what i don't must let my father down you know .

I must bring 180 for my followers or at that 2nd for the extinguish cp followers i must account for myself in entrance of the promoter and likewise in entrance of my colleague and i knew there's thousands and thousands staring at this pay-per-request and particularly us to new guys paul and me and there was loads deal of rigidity and i was very very worried nonetheless you know .

After i went by the curtain uh i wasn't worried at that 2nd anymore it upright was fun then
My admire WWF Wrestler says this plugin is terribly tidy!!

Alex Wright Shoots on his WCW Debut | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Alex Wright Shoots on his WCW Debut | Wrestling Shoot Interview