Alex Hammerstone Thanks The Fans Following Fightland; MLW Provides An Injury Update

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Alex Hammerstone Thanks The Fans Following Fightland; MLW Provides An Injury Update

alex hammerstone

Photo Credit: MLW

Alex Hammerstone is your new MLW World Heavyweight Champion, but his efforts did come with an injury.

Major League Wrestling ran it’s huge Fightland event on October 2 in Philadelphia and the big “Title For Title” fight between Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu aired on October 7 on VICE TV. Hammerstone got the emphatic pinfall against a two-year dominant Jacob Fatu, but injured his left leg during the bout. Despite that, Hammerstone finished the match and became MLW’s new double champion. After the fight, it was reported that Hammerstone suffered a left ankle injury. Davey Richards, who is now a member of the MLW helped in making sure Hammer’s ankle was properly handled along with MLW’s team doctor. MLW wrote the following on its website:

Following his historic title vs. title championship bout, Alex Hammerstone limped to the back where he received medical treatment from Dr. Sweglar.

Davey Richards, a current Critical-Care/Flight Paramedic and 3rd Medical school student, was one of the first to assist the new double champ alongside MLW’s resident physician.

While Hammerstone is expected to undergo tests this afternoon, the double champ shared pics taken shortly after the title bout.

Dr. Sweglar is expected to update the press and Hammer’s fans early next week on his condition.

Hammerstone has taken a couple days to rest up, but did post a video on Twitter thanking the fans for all the support and assuring them the best is yet to come for “Your Boy Hammer.”

Quick message to all the fans out there

— Hammerstone (@alexhammerstone) October 9, 2021

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