Alex Hammerstone Shares The Good Thing About Being Nervous Ahead Of MLW Fightland, Thinks Jacob Fatu Is Taking Him Lightly

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Alex Hammerstone Shares The Good Thing About Being Nervous Ahead Of MLW Fightland, Thinks Jacob Fatu Is Taking Him Lightly

Thursday will be the biggest night in Major League Wrestling history so far, and Alex Hammerstone will be one of the major focal points for the promotion. MLW Fightland airs tonight at 10 PM ET on VICE TV after Dark Side Of The Ring and Hammerstone is in the headline “Title For Title” bout on the broadcast, as he will put his National Openweight Championship on the line against MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu.

Both men have held their respective belts for nearly two years strong and Fightland could be the culmination of big things to come for MLW. Before the big battle took place at the infamous 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Alex Hammerstone spoke with the wrestling media in a pre-fight press conference. WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo asked “Your Boy Hammer” how it feels going into Fightland with all the stakes and hype surrounding it.

“I debuted with MLW in Philly so it’s a special venue and then you start stacking on the fact that it’s Fatu, the fact that it’s finally the ‘Title vs. Title’ fight,” Hammer explained, “I’m not going to lie, your boy Hammer’s feeling a little bit of nerves for the first time in a very long time. But that’s a good thing because when I feel nerves, it makes you push that much harder and someone like Fatu, I think he’s taking this match for granted. I think he’s taking me for granted, I think he’s taking that title for granted and I think my hard work is going to shine through tonight.”

Alex Hammerstone was then asked about how he can make the most of a match with a unique stipulation like “Title For Title.”

“All anybody has to do is look at what I’ve done with the National Openweight Championship. That was a championship that was created and only held by me and I took every match of that very seriously. I took the prestige of that belt very seriously. I think I took that and made that a championship that people wanted to shoot for, wanted to attain for. Whether it was defending it in Mexico or Japan, or all these things that I did,” Hammerstone explained, “those are the same things I wanted to do with the World Heavyweight Championship.

“I don’t want this belt to make me, I want me to make this Championship and I think that’s going to take me doing unprecedented things, taking on all comers domestically, taking on all challengers,” he explained, “but also, and you have my word, taking that belt international and taking it around the world.”

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

Check out the full press conference will Alex Hammerstone at the top of this post.

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