Aleister Black Says Having Restraints In WWE Forced Him To Be Creative, Explains Idea Behind His Character

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Aleister Black Says Having Restraints In WWE Forced Him To Be Creative, Explains Idea Behind His Character

Aleister Black

Photo Credit: WWE

After his departure was confirmed by WWE on Wednesday, Aleister Black hosted a live stream and shared his feelings about the release as well as some plans for his character. Black explained the basis for his character, calling Aleister Black “the devil with memory loss.”

“He knew that he’d done something wrong and felt that he needed to pay for it. I always thought it was an interesting concept,” Black explained, “like what if when Lucifer fell to earth and smacked down, what if he woke up [thinking] ‘how did I get here?’ That was kind of the idea behind Aleister.”

Black also went into details about his promos being very layered, and although they weren’t written by him, he tried to hide things in the delivery. He said he did have control over putting some “Easter Eggs” in them as well, then explained how he pitched the character to Triple H in the first place.

“The promos that I did, as cryptic as they were, they had layers. A lot of the promos weren’t my writing, unfortunately. I think my character, the first conversation I ever had—I said to Hunter, “Look, I just want to be all the metal bands that kids used to rebel against the system, against the parents’ and as cliche as that sounds, it’s relatable, right? Relatable cool guy, mysterious, but understand what he’s going through.”

Despite being released, Black emphasized having plenty of good memories in WWE. He said he worked within the restraints of what he was given and is proud of what he accomplished in those shackles, adding that it forced him to be creative.

“You always have to work within the boundaries of what they give you. And I feel that is the [sign of a] true professional. If there’s no cuffs and you can do what are you want, it’s a different landscape,” Black said. “But if you’re able to shine in a place where you have boundaries and you’re surrounded by rules—and I’m a big fan of having boundaries because it forces me to be more creative— if you can shine there, I feel that’s a testimony to being a professional.”

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