Aleister Black: ‘It Makes No Sense To Put Me With Zelina’

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Aleister Black: ‘It Makes No Sense To Put Me With Zelina’

aleister black

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Aleister Black

Aleister Black recently sat down with Sportskeeda to discuss the WWE Draft and how it affects him and his real-world wife Zelina Vega. Neither are yet to be drafted and it is expected that they will be drafted tomorrow on RAW.

Black has transformed himself into a new character in recent weeks and now serves as a heel character. Zelina meanwhile has recently separated herself from managing Andrade & Angel Garza which has sparked rumors that the timing is right to pair Zelina with Aleister Black.

Aleister Black does not seem to think it is a good idea to pair him with Zelina. Black said, “I personally think that it makes no sense to put me and her together because Aleister Black and Zelina Vega don’t have anything in common. Uh, Tom and Thea, who are married, have everything in common, but the characters have literally no alignment with each other. So am I saying never, never, never, never? No, but right now it’s zero to none. Like, there’s nothing that’s going to happen that is going to put myself and Zelina Vega together.”

The chances are still high that they end up on the same brand however, as WWE typically puts married superstars on the same brand to help with their personal lives. Black seemingly confirmed with Sportskeeda that the current focus is for Zelina to grow as a singles competitor. Black said, “I think, you know, they want to focus on that for a very long time. Which I think is rightfully so, because she’s proven her mettle as a manager, she’s proven to hold her own on the microphone. Even when she was a manager, she was like throw in the ring a couple of times. And she has a few more matches than some of the people that were established, uh, superstars on her brand before she made that switch. So, um, she wants to focus on being an in-ring competitor.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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