Aleister Black Appreciates His Slow Build On Monday Night RAW

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Aleister Black Appreciates His Slow Build On Monday Night RAW

Aleister Black

Photo Credit: Thomas Gibson

In a long conversation with the New York Post, Aleister Black went over everything from the origins of his dark character to his hopes for Sunday’s Money in the Bank. One interesting tidbit from the interview is how satisfied he has been on Monday Night RAW, particularly with how his character has been allowed to slowly build up over time. “It sometimes goes hand in hand with a little bit of frustration because sometimes you want to go faster than what they’re allowing you to. But it has made sure that the audience has got really familiar with Aleister Black.”

In the same vein, Black feels that his Black Mass finisher should stay protected, as it’s vital to his character.

…If I said all these things and every single time I’d have a match and all my offense would be countered or ducked or people would kick out of my moves left and right, then the character in contrast to my offense wouldn’t make sense.

Black also appreciates that he hasn’t been booked alongside his wife, which is seemingly the norm for married wrestler couples in WWE. While he seemingly wouldn’t mind working alongside Zelina Vega, he feels that neither character needs that angle, especially since he feels Zelina has been running RAW for weeks. “I think the outside world is more fascinated by the fact that me and my wife are competing against each other than we are ourselves.”

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