Alberto El Patron: Facing Tito Ortiz Is Bigger Than ‘Just An MMA Fight’

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Alberto El Patron: Facing Tito Ortiz Is Bigger Than ‘Just An MMA Fight’

Alberto El Patron

WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam received an opportunity to chat with Alberto El Patron before he takes to the octagon to face UFC legend Tito Ortiz on December 7 at Combate Americas debut event on PPV. Patron has several reasons as to why he’s taking this fight against Ortiz whose name he picked when he saw that Tito wasn’t signed to any contract. Why? He likes a challenge and wants to inspire anyone who has doubts in themselves.

“That’s not me. That’s not Alberto Del Rio. I am a man of challenges and I’m taking the fight to continue to inspiring those Latinos [and Mexicans] around the world and doubting that they can do something,” Alberto said. “I just want to continue showing these people that when you work hard, dreams come true and also to help this company. This company that been supporting me, not just in a professional level, but also in a personal level. To continue to repay a little bit, all of the things that this amazing organization has done for me. That’s why I want to take this fight with someone with Tito Ortiz cause only fighting someone like Tito Ortiz makes fans and it will make people to watch and to want to be a part of Combate Americas.”

Patron finds himself in a much different place mentally than when he had his bout against Mirko Cro Cop back for Pride Fighting Championship in 2000. He’s in a much more happier mindset and to him, that’s key in being successful.

“I feel ready, I feel strong, I feel happy which is really important because when I was fighting 19 years ago in Japan. I remember those training camps and I wasn’t completely happy.”

El Patron says how that’s all different now with the relationships he’s cultivated and the friendships he’s made while training out in Arizona. However, when it comes to fight time, he knows how it’s going to handled and whatever the outcome is, there will be no ill-will in mind from either competitor. To Patron, there’s more on the line than just a mark in the win-loss column.

“We’re competing for something else though, for something bigger than just an MMA fight. We’re competing for legacy, for pride, for honor, for respect.”

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