Al Snow & Head Getting A ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Comic Series Kickstarted

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Al Snow & Head Getting A ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Comic Series Kickstarted

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The relationship between Al Snow and ‘Head’ is a tale as old as time and it will soon be set to appear in comic form. Well, not the story we’re all familiar with. Broken Icon Comics has announced that they’ll be launching a Kickstarter in effort to tell the tale of Al Snow & ‘Head’ in a post-apocalyptic Louisville, KY. All the details about the new comic, The Ballad of Al Snow and Head, are below:

Broken Icon Comics Launches New Series, The Ballad of Al Snow and Head, Featuring Former WWE Superstar, Al Snow.

Marietta, OH – Broken Icon Comics is thrilled to announce the release of The Ballad of Al Snow and Head. A comedic romp that takes us from the real world deep into the insanity of Al’s mind. The premier issue is set in a post-apocalyptic Louisville, KY, where Al’s misadventures lead him to underground societies, brutal Thunderdome-esque fighting rings, and the highest levels of government.

Al Snow is the hero that no one asked for, and just can’t seem to get rid of. A blend of action, comedy, and parody come together in a tale unlike any other.

Teaming up with Al presented a unique opportunity. A chance to make a comic book featuring a wrestler without resorting to a biographical or generic wrestling book. The goal was to take what was great about Al’s character, and tell stories in such a way only comics could do. Why limit the adventures through Al’s insanity to the ring, or even the real world?

The Ballad of Al Snow and Head is launching with a Kickstarter on 4/22/21, with a street date of 05/14/21. The book is written by Eric Watkins with art by Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones, Farscape), colors by Rob Dumo (Robyn Hood, KCNA) and Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe), and letters by Justin Birch (Miraculous, Birds of Prey).

“To say that I am excited and honored to have this comic book being published, based on myself and HEAD, would be an understatement. I will always be grateful for my professional wrestling career and my time being a WWE superstar. It has continued to give me amazing opportunities such as this.” -Al Snow

If you’d like to get the true story on “Head,” Snow recently spoke with Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone on the tension which was set to build between Al and his mannequin noggin.

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