AJ Styles Tries To Explain The Concept Of A Boneyard Match

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AJ Styles Tries To Explain The Concept Of A Boneyard Match

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Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Earlier today, while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Mixer, AJ Styles tried to quell the questions from his fans about the concept of a Boneyard Match. His clash with The Undertaker was finalized this past Monday on RAW, but many have been speculating as to what exactly AJ meant by evoking this previously unheard of stipulation. Would it be a Buried Alive match variant? A spooky House of Horrors? Now, we have some answers from the man himself.

What the heck is a Boneyard match? Even I was wondering what a Boneyard match is. Under the circumstances, I think there’s a reason it’s called a Boneyard match. We didn’t want to say cemetary, graveyard.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, AJ and WWE felt it necessary to tone back on something that brings death to mind. However, according to Styles, He and Taker will have an unsanctioned brawl in a graveyard, similar to past No DQ location-based concepts from decades past.

It’s a combination of things you thought it was, most likely. It’s going to be different. I don’t want to give anything away. I want you guys to enjoy this. Because of the circumstances, I’m so glad that my opponent is The Undertaker, because it’s an opportunity to have a different match.

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