AJ Styles ‘Suspending’ Twitch Stream, Thanks Fans For Support

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AJ Styles ‘Suspending’ Twitch Stream, Thanks Fans For Support

aj styles

(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)

The face may run the place in WWE, but it’s no longer in charge over on Twitch. AJ Styles has announced a suspension to his activity on streaming platforms following WWE’s crackdown on third-party activities. He posted the following message to his fans on Discord:

I want to thank you all for the great memories on Mixer and Twitch. I will cherish these memories and I love everyone of you that have made this possible and supported me. As many of you know, WWE is making some changes that involve streaming. We will see what the future holds in that regard. With that being said, I will be suspending the Stylesclash stream. This isn’t good bye, but this is see you sometime in the future … Again, this isn’t the end it’s just a pause. Thank you again for your support.

It has been reported that WWE aims to take control of the accounts of WWE Superstars on Twitch and Cameo in order to gain a cut of the profits they earn there. Money funneling back to the wrestlers will be taken out of the money they’re already earning through their contract with the promotion.

Styles has been outspoken while streaming about many topics, including at least one incident when his son called WWE the promotion he doesn’t watch anymore. It will be interesting to see if AJ does return to streaming in a more WWE-approved manner, or if he stays away from the hobby once it becomes a job.

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