AJ Styles Loses To Drew Gulak, Gets Called A Coward By Daniel Bryan

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AJ Styles Loses To Drew Gulak, Gets Called A Coward By Daniel Bryan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles are set to face off for the WWE Intercontinental Championship next week, but tonight, the two met in the ring to discuss their different paths to the title match. In the ring, Bryan called Styles a “coward” for not being willing to face anyone he deems not good enough.

"When I think of being the best, it's not who I am right now. It's who I CAN be." – @WWEDanielBryan to @AJStylesOrg #SmackDown pic.twitter.com/jpT5KgyBzE

— WWE (@WWE) June 6, 2020

According to Bryan, if he becomes Intercontinental Champion, he’ll face off against an opponent once a week, giving young and old superstars the chance to prove their worth. Styles then took shots at Bryan, saying that he wants to give superstars handouts before saying that he would reach across the aisle and give Drew Gulak a handout in the form a match.

Once inside the ring, Styles and Gulak went at it, and in a shocking turn of events, Gulak came away with a win against Styles. Things ended when Gulak caught Styles slipping, as Styles went to talk trash with Daniel Bryan ringside. With Styles distracted, Gulak quickly rolled up Styles from behind for the win, shocking both Bryan and Styles.

For a brief recap of how the match ended, check out below:

After the break, Styles is driving his shoulder into Gulak’s gut in the corner. Styles misses a dropkick. Gulak puts Styles in a submission hold. Styles escapes. Styles floors Gulak with a nasty lariat. Gulak kicks out. Gulak beats Styles into the corner. Gulak lands a few strikes. Styles sends Gulak into the corner. Styles misses a corner splash. Gulak unleashes a flurry of strikes. Gulak suplexes Styles. Styles sets up the Styles Clash. Styles bad mouths Bryan. Gulak rolls up Styles for the WIN!!!

GULAK GOT HIM!!!#SmackDown @DrewGulak @AJStylesOrg @WWEDanielBryan pic.twitter.com/GgMWWGNUR1

— WWE (@WWE) June 6, 2020

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