AJ Styles Discusses the Origins of His ‘Phenomenal’ Nickname and the Pressure to Live Up to It

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AJ Styles discussed his ‘Phenomenal’ nickname and the challenges of living up to it as he ages while appearing on a recent edition of the “Fantatics Live” podcast.

Styles is slated to wrestle LA Knight this weekend at WWE WrestleMania 40.

Styles said, Dan The Dragon Wilson was a commentator for NWA Wildside back in 2000. For some reason, he called me The Phenomenal AJ Styles. It was given. It stuck. It’s a little long, but I like it. It’s stuck with me this long. It’s harder to be phenomenal as you get older. It’s getting to be a tipping point to where I’m starting to be Old Guy AJ Styles.

AJ Styles, one of the most renowned professional wrestlers in the world, recently opened up about his iconic nickname, ‘The Phenomenal,’ and the challenges he faces in living up to it as he ages. During an appearance on the “Fantatics Live” podcast, Styles shared the origins of his moniker and reflected on how it has shaped his career.

According to Styles, the nickname was bestowed upon him by Dan The Dragon Wilson, a commentator for NWA Wildside, back in 2000. Although he didn’t provide specific details about why Wilson chose that particular name for him, Styles acknowledged that it instantly resonated with him. He admitted that while it may be a bit long, he has grown fond of it over the years.

However, as Styles has aged and continued to compete in the physically demanding world of professional wrestling, he has found it increasingly challenging to maintain the level of excellence associated with his nickname. He expressed that being phenomenal becomes more difficult as time goes on, and he is starting to feel the effects of aging on his performance.

Styles’ candid admission about the potential transition from ‘The Phenomenal AJ Styles’ to ‘Old Guy AJ Styles’ highlights the reality that even the most talented athletes face physical limitations as they grow older. It serves as a reminder that age is an inevitable factor that can impact an individual’s abilities, regardless of their skill and dedication.

Despite his concerns about aging, Styles remains determined to deliver memorable performances in the ring. He is set to face LA Knight at WWE WrestleMania 40 this weekend, where he will undoubtedly strive to showcase his trademark athleticism and skill. While he may no longer be in his prime, Styles’ experience and expertise make him a formidable opponent for any competitor.

The discussion surrounding Styles’ nickname raises broader questions about the expectations placed on athletes as they age. It prompts us to consider how society views and values athletes who have dedicated their lives to their craft, only to see their physical abilities diminish over time. It is a reminder that athletes, like any other individuals, deserve respect and admiration for their accomplishments, regardless of their age.

In conclusion, AJ Styles’ revelation about his ‘Phenomenal’ nickname and the challenges he faces as he ages sheds light on the realities of being a professional athlete. While he may be grappling with the effects of time on his performance, Styles continues to strive for greatness in the ring. His story serves as a reminder that athletes deserve recognition and appreciation for their contributions, regardless of their age or physical limitations.