AJ Styles Comments On His Rehab, WWE Return, Night Of Champions Match

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In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, AJ Styles revealed the story of his recovery from his ankle injury and addressed what lies ahead now that he’s back in action.

Styles also weighed in on his upcoming match against Seth Rollins at Night Of Champions 2023.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the process of injury and rehabilitation: “It was a simple thing, something I’ve done a million times and usually it happens the same. I was taking a backdrop, and I could have hit my back on the apron a little bit, but in that couple of seconds of landing on the outside my ankle, depending on the mat and where it was, turned in on me and snapped.

I knew right when I did it, it was one of those things, it was like ‘I’m done’. As far as rehab is concerned, as soon as I’m able to rehab, I’m on rehab and it’s crazy how being in a boot for a while you forget how to there are certain things we take for granted – like walking and running and jumping.

It’s like my body had to rehab that, I actually went for another MRI because I thought something wasn’t right. But they said the reason why it’s hurting so bad is because there’s so much inflammation. Once I realised that and that I wasn’t going to tear or rip anything I got after it because I wanted to get better. I was able to focus on jumping and running and stuff like that and it was like overnight it changed.

Once you tell your brain you can do it, you can. It was really that simple once I realised I could put forward my best effort.”

On Rollins as a performer and colleague: “There are layers to Seth’s character and that’s what you want in wrestling, it’s longevity. He’s doing it unbelievably well right now. I’m not surprised though, he keeps working hard, keeps doing his thing, he’s a go-getter – I get it. Not surprised.”

On returning to The OC: “I think that when we’re together, that’s when we do the best business. Having Mia/Michin – whatever you guys, or whatever WWE wants to call us – it works. It’s a good little family there and we all know each other so well and Mia is such a good extension to that family that we have. I think it’s awesome and I just want to get into it and do more, not do less, do more and let’s get back to work.”

On the addition of Mia Yim to the faction: “I don’t know how exactly it came around and who made the idea, but I can tell you she is a great fit for us. She is like perfect, she was the missing piece, I love her man, sweetheart of a girl, I love having her on the team and she’s a great asset to the OC. I’m looking forward to doing more stuff with her as part of the group.”

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