AJ Lee Explains Why She Joined WOW Wrestling, Why She ‘Could Not Pass It Up’

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AJ Lee Explains Why She Joined WOW Wrestling, Why She ‘Could Not Pass It Up’

AJ Lee AJ Mendez

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

AJ Lee says WOW was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

AJ Lee’s return to pro wrestling has been a topic of speculation for many years, and now she will do just that as an executive producer and broadcaster for WOW (Women Of Wrestling). Speaking with Izzy on the WOW Superheroes YouTube channel, AJ Lee (now AJ Mendez) explained why joining the company made sense to her.

“Well, WOW is about the women. I think what’s beautiful about women’s wrestling is a, they are such special creatures, like we’re a rare breed. My favorite wrestling has always been women’s wrestling. I’ll skip over the guys match to watch the girls my whole life. So, to see over the years how the women have gone from being the most exciting part of the show to WOW where we are the show. We are the whole show. That is what inspired me, but also, I’ve gotten to be on TV, I got to make all of my dreams come true and I’m in a new phase of my life where I’m creating. I have a production company, I’m a writer and a producer, and so to be able to connect those two worlds — my love of wrestling and my love of film and TV and work behind the scenes as an executive producer, I could not pass it up.”

AJ’s return and the WOW revival was announced on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. The promotion is expected to debut its new show in the fall of 2022; read more about the relaunch and the ViacomCBS TV deal at this link.

AJ doesn’t look to be returning to the ring, as her neck issues have been well documented over the years. Her husband, CM Punk, was frequently asked about her status during his own media tour after his All Elite Wrestling debut. He said an in-ring return was out of the question, but didn’t think she’d have the time to even entertain the idea either.

“I don’t [think she wants to do it], and it’s because she’s a teeny, tiny person and she’s got a bad neck. She wrestled—I think the shelf life for females in wrestling, wrestling a full schedule is a lot shorter, it’s a lot smaller than men. She, I think, is so focused on what’s she’s doing now—writing, screenplays, working on a million different projects and being pulled in so many different directions,” Punk explained. “I think she’d maybe be receptive to the idea of coming back, but it’s like that can’t even enter her vocabulary right now because she’s so focused on the movie scripts and the TV adaptation of her book that she’s working on right now.”

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