Aiden English Incredibly Proud Of Clash Of Champions 2017 & NXT Tag Title Win, Recalls 205 Live Standouts

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Aiden English Incredibly Proud Of Clash Of Champions 2017 & NXT Tag Title Win, Recalls 205 Live Standouts

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The Watch List takes a look at what matches you should be watching while you’re at home and they come recommended by your favorite professional wrestling stars.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Matt Rehwoldt, aka WWE Superstar Aiden English, and looked back at some of his favorite matches from his in-ring career and when he was a commentator for 205 Live. Rehwoldt says he hasn’t been watching too much live wrestling since his WWE departure in April, noting he’s “staying in touch but getting some distance” but he’s still looking at highlights for some creative input.

“I’ve been going over my stuff, just trying to gather highlights, just trying to gather some inspiration from stuff I’ve done. It’s been a while since I’ve wrestled. As far as me, matches I’d really like people to seek out—Clash Of Champions 2017,” Rehwoldt noted, “it’s a four-way tag match with Rusev and I, The Usos, The New Day and [Chad] Gable and [Shelton] Benjamin. I was so, so proud of that because that match was chaotic as hell.

“It’s the first time we’d ever done a Fatal 4 Way tag match with four men in at the same time. Before it was just always two guys in the ring and we decided to try and do an experiment with all four, so four guys in, four guys out, a ton of chaos. I’m incredibly proud of what we did with that match,” Rehwoldt said. “I’m incredibly proud of the first NXT Tag Team title win that Simon [Gotch] and I had in Brooklyn in 2015. Those are the ones that always jump out as far as my career.”

More recently, Rehwoldt served as a color commentator on 205 Live and said he had a great appreciation for some of the matches he saw firsthand on the brand. Rehwoldt pointed to the 2018 feud between Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali feud, and Jack Gallagher and Chad Gable’s matches on the show, but emphasized that there is a lot of great content on 205 Live that some people might have missed out on the first time.

“I think what I would do, and I learned this from my year in commentary, is go back and if you haven’t, go back and watch 205 Live. There are several matches over the last year that were awesome. Go back to 2018 and watch some of the Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali matches,” Rehwoldt said. “In the past year, Jack Gallagher and Chad Gable had some awesome matches, Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari had an ‘Anything Goes’ match earlier this year.

“There’s so much good stuff on there that I think a lot of people did not see and I had the privilege to call and see it up close,” Rehwoldt said, “something I was incredibly proud to do. Go back and if you haven’t discovered 205 Live, do yourself a favor.”

We added some recommendations to the list and selected a good mix of bouts featuring some of the 205 Live roster, including Jack Gallagher’s UK Championship tournament match against Drew Gulak and the entire first round of the inaugural Worlds Collide tournament.

The Vaudevillians vs. Blake and Murphy (NXT Tag Team Championship)
NXT TakeOver Brooklyn — August 22, 2015

Aiden English & Rusev vs. The Usos vs. The New Day vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin
WWE Clash Of Champions — December 17, 2017

Jack Gallagher vs. Drew Gulak – UK Championship Tournament (First Round)
UK Championship Tournament — June 13, 2018

WWE Worlds Collide Tournament – 205 Live vs. NXT vs. NXT UK (Opening Round)
WWE Worlds Collide — February 2, 2019

Stay tuned for our full interview with Aiden English where we talk about his “Wrestling With Whiskey” videos, the rumors about the IMPACT Wrestling “future endeavors” teaser, WWE building more stock in tag teams and much more!

The TakeOver: Brooklyn and Clash Of Champions 2017 matches can be seen in full on WWE Network (subscription required). Click the embedded links below to watch each respective match.

— WrestleZone on Mandatory (@WRESTLEZONEcom) June 7, 2020

— WrestleZone on Mandatory (@WRESTLEZONEcom) June 7, 2020

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