Aiden English Enjoyed His ‘Oddball’ Pairing With Rusev, Proud Of Being A Jack Of All Trades

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Aiden English Enjoyed His ‘Oddball’ Pairing With Rusev, Proud Of Being A Jack Of All Trades

Aiden English says you can call it oddball or whatever you’d like, but he really enjoyed his pairing with Rusev because it was a fun and new experience.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion recently spoke with Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about his “Rusev Day” run in WWE and said he’s not against calling it a “buddy comedy” duo or a similar description because he enjoyed getting to show a new side of his character.

“I don’t hate that description because it was fun and you really got to see different sides of us, and it was a really kind of ‘oddball’ pairing on paper. Very oddball. We got to be goofs but we got to have fun,” English said, “we got to have these great matches, so oddball comedy or ‘buddy cop’ comedy, I don’t hate that analogy.”

While English (Matt Rehwoldt) ultimately moved to commentary on 205 Live after the partnership dissolved, he said no one forced him into the role and he never saw it as the end of his in-ring career. He says he took pride in trying out a new endeavor in broadcasting, but still believes he has a lot more to give as a competitor.

“I think if you’re an ambitious person you always feel like there’s meat left on the bone in any endeavor you do, I truly believe that. You should always want to be doing more and more, so yeah, of course. When I went to do commentary, it wasn’t some like demotion or anything. It was offered to me,” English noted, “it was not forced upon me, and you know what? I wanted to try something new and different because at the time I didn’t have a whole lot going on with television stuff so I’m like, ‘Yeah let me dive in.’ I loved it, a lot more than I thought, but there’s so much that I want to do. I don’t like limiting myself.

“I pride myself on being a jack of all trades, a master of a lot of different hats and everything like that. Whenever I started doing that, I had always said, ‘I have not had my last match.’ This isn’t some ‘hey, I’m done and retiring and going to the side.’ I always felt like whether it was a short run or something,” English said, “or whether it was back to full time, I had plenty more, just like you said, to give in the ring. Absolutely.”

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