<aHousehold Friend Provides Second Positive Update On Jay Briscoe's Daughters

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Jay Briscoe passed away in a vehicle mishap in Laurel, Delaware on January 17th, 8 days prior to his 39th birthday and one day prior to his bro’s 38th birthday. His children, who remained in the vehicle with him, suffered severe injuries.

Josh Wharton, a household good friend of The Briscoes had actually formerly offered an upgrade on the 2 girls who were hospitalized following the deadly mishap. On Friday, Wharton provided another favorable upgrade on Jayleigh and Gracie Pugh by means of a Facebook livestream.

You can have a look at the message listed below:

“Jayleigh, 9, has actually had discomfort on and off today. She was suitabled for her back brace and stayed up on the side of the bed with support from personnel. She was moved into a wheelchair for about an hour. She still has the NG tube in location and is not able to consume or consume at this time. They are hoping that tomorrow they can take television out so she can consume some genuine food. She’s still on IV medications and invests the majority of her days sleeping.”

“Gracie, 12, had a rough night with great deals of itching and tingling in her lower legs. Today, she began the day with occupational treatment and she has actually restored sensation in her lower extremities. She is likewise able to make motions in her lower extremities. She had the ability to make little motions with her legs by utilizing her thigh muscle. We are so grateful, she was up in a wheelchair numerous times, which she takes pleasure in. All of Gracie’s IV medications have actually been ceased at this time and she has actually been switched to oral discomfort medication. She is still dazed from all the medication and great deals of sleeping.”

“At this time, rehabilitation is suggested for both women. Both ladies have enhancements today, they both have a long roadway of healing ahead of them.”

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