Ahmed Johnson shoots on the Kliq | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Ahmed Johnson shoots on the Kliq | Wrestling Shoot Interview
On this Wrestling Shoots video Ahmed Johnson talks about wrestling Triple H in Kuwait for the Kuwaiti Cup and the Kliq backstage in WWE

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Wrestling shoot interview
Ahmed Johnson shoots on the Kliq
Ahmed Johnson shoots
Kuwaiti Cup
Ahmed Johnson
WWE The Kliq
Pro wrestling shoot interview
WWE shoots
Wrestling shoots

Here’s yet any other graceful wrestler and grappler!! discuss the uh which i possess so many suits on tape the uh kuwaiti cup oh that was fun that was fun did you no longer that the quiddity cup was something else that was fun i had my closing masters against triple h man and he in most cases i point out .

Called her man she walked me thru it he was troye was a factual guy lend a hand then i don't perceive how he's no longer i've been you recognize up there with him for a whereas nonetheless lend a hand then he was he was in most cases a factual guy man i point out the total match the final match i point out he called it and walked me thru it the total match and .

The full lot he was factual and uh who else did you bought on in that tournament it was a triple h me and yoko tagged up against um smartly that was for the tour yeah okay correct al snow and uh i forgot who ty martin gennady yeah okay and i took on owen i point out owen had a one-on-one .

Which i you laughter i would inform in most cases the total match due to he correct you recognize his coronary heart man they by no formula stopped they by no formula stopped within the ring within the market they on occasion by no formula stopped you recognize and correct nikoi turning was factual i i loved that .

Gigantic time let's call nash oh i consistently affiliate with scott scott you bought infected at one level due to like i stated when i got www let me repeat you a story reviews happening when i got wwf no person no person know was a young rookie no person would favor succor me that's why i know the jealousy was there .

Scott hall was the fitting one i didn't quiz for succor or anything nonetheless this man what every match i possess was within the lend a hand of the curtain watching me when i got down i got here out the ring he would pull me to the put at any time when and repeat me what the factual what didn't notice factual what the change would no longer change .

After which i mediate he got infected due to when he left when he was doing that vincent had me doing that you just recognize after uh you recognize earlier than i set up you within the the pervert tumble i will consistently prance like that and that was scott hall's thing when he was in devdo he did it late and funky you recognize i did exact exact mercurial and intense .

And for when i heard was he didn't esteem me doing that you just recognize nonetheless it wasn't my call it was the boss's call you recognize i'm gonna attain it i'm toad and he didn't esteem that he thought i was i sigh stealing a gimmick or something and so he didn't like that too noteworthy i .

Heard um i sigh moreover uh i sigh you felt moreover at the time within the wft how how were the clicks lend a hand then for the length of the i point out that that happens loads the set up i sigh you recognize presumably the motive this this uh you recognize uh image of you has .

Been within the market consistently is due to you bought five six guys that don't such as you or yet any other click on who correct state it a couple times and then this enterprise if they stated it stated two or three times it looks to possess the lifetime of its enjoy and it correct sticks it does it does especially positioned on the online they stick like glue .

And yeah i point out man when i got there all americans had a click on clicks were deep i point out exact deep nonetheless the dx ran the imprint that's which is the set up it was what'd you gaze lend a hand then did you gaze as some distance as they were announcing that sean had different care for watch over over uh .

I bet loads of the cases with uh uh his personality and stuff like that and former to possess you ever recognize flip out lessons and prance home and misplaced a smile and all that other stuff uh what what did you gaze firsthand lend a hand then yeah i shot on sean ranthang him um .

Diesel it was him these are razor and triple h and and they on occasion incessantly flee the imprint and if they didn't uncover it irresistible you were buried you were buried we'll correct what guys did you gaze that happen to i point out i heard piccolo they didn't like at one level or yeah .

But you recognize like i stated i by no formula in actuality got into their enterprise i point out i correct i i've consistently kept to myself man that's that was my thing about me that you just recognize the rascal state they’ll by no formula state i got engrossing they want a bullcrap one which's happening nonetheless i point out um i don't know the brett topic i point out .

you hear rumors and hear stuff that was happening and i i thought that was you recognize extra or much less shitty nonetheless moreover that i point out making an try to mediate so as to add heat with i'm mosey they’d heat with all americans i point out the boys like them i point out they act like they like after they kissed up their ass due to they were .

Running the imprint at the time so i point out all americans was kissing up to them nonetheless i point out i don't mediate murky and white might well per chance be any one like them you
Meet this graceful wrestler!!

Ahmed Johnson shoots on the Kliq | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Ahmed Johnson shoots on the Kliq | Wrestling Shoot Interview