Ahmed Johnson Shoots on Stone Wintry Steve Austin being racist | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Ahmed Johnson shoots on Stone Wintry Steve Austin being racist Wrestling Shoot Interview
On this Wrestling Shoots video Ahmed Johnson talks about how he doesn’t admire Steve Austin and accuses Stone Wintry of being racist.

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My helpful WWE Wrestler says this plugin is attention-grabbing. what would be the one man you need to maybe per chance maybe explain you just flat out you've viewed you've dealt with within the industry that one man you need to maybe per chance maybe explain you disfavor basically the most that just entirely turned you off basically the most that you've ever dealt with steve ross steve austin .

So after the uh you obtained the intercontinental belt um you need to maybe per chance maybe uh there used to be a story that i suspect you informed me uh that uh uh steve austin you you undoubtedly feel that he did something uh that you think he did to you after you obtained the ic belt ought to you admire to enjoy to repeat that story oh effectively any individual .

Um wrote on my hire a car this used to be after you obtained the belt favorable yeah just admire the subsequent few suits out the one about any individual wrote on my condominium car congratulations [ __ ] and that i don't know who did it and a fan stated that they noticed stone frigid available within the market by my car so i don't know if he did it or no longer .

But i mean after what i look at him and viewed on that along the chart i i stated yeah unprecedented that he's the one who did it um how used to be your relationship to him before and steve also yeah i don't know i've continuously felt he used to be rather .

Racist i never undoubtedly i mean i didn't affiliate with him wasn't a chum of mine is it just on the serve of the scenes you heard him talking to other other folks or is it just a vibe to procure from a man no i heard him explain the n discover on the serve of the scenes must be his [ __ ] ass you respect he didn't explain that [ __ ] around .

Me effectively no i just survived just you respect then i read that stuff that his essential other talked about you respect i'm using him discover the complete time and no longer wanting her to search out out about unlit other folks on tv and all that crap you respect that sparkling unprecedented famed for me ought to you ought to you found proof that he did .

It i recount you need to maybe per chance maybe enjoy confronted him at that time i could per chance maybe enjoy killed him ought to beat him mindless i could per chance maybe enjoy beat himself all favorable um what where are any other what other kinds of uh issues did you urge into as far as other folks being jealous of your .

Immediate rise um i mean attain you think it used to be also racism that austin did that and likewise per chance hundreds of at that time he wasn't uh he used to be originate of starting up to salvage his rise that per chance he felt you respect why are you getting it favorable off the bat no a racist a racist man i mean you don't just change into that in a single day .

That's something ought to you erase as you're racist from day one mm-hmm and don't know what he if he he's just a racist here is what it is far and you respect and it's sad on yarn of you respect you salvage all these runt i peep these runt unlit kids with awesome 316 t-shirts on and so they're .

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Ahmed Johnson Shoots on Stone Wintry Steve Austin being racist | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Ahmed Johnson Shoots on Stone Cold Steve Austin being racist | Wrestling Shoot Interview