Ahmed Johnson 2022 Shoot Interview: Warzone Game, Wearing All Those Pads, IC Title Rob, Mountainous T, extra

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Here’s the total video interview with Ahmed Johnson, taken from EP. 155 of Iron-On Wrestling.

In this uncommon interview, Ahmed reminisces about Owen Hart ribs, his Wrestlemania 13 alliance with The Legion of Doom to combat The Nation of Domination and magnificent how exceptional of that match became scripted, his appearances in WWF video games Warzone & In Your House and what royalties looked fancy, thr Fun With Ahmed Youtube videos, getting all correct now kissed by Goldust and the individual that suffered after because it, and his ancient Intercontinental Championship take at King of the Ring 1996 and what it intended to him.

The Pearl River Powerhouse furthermore discusses his uncommon undercover agent and magnificent who got here up with wearing all of these knee pads on his physique, defeating Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the Kuwait Cup and the bizarre treatment he bought while within the nation, joining The Nation, how end he became to winning the WWF Championship, his inch as Mountainous T in WCW, his thoughts on Undertaker, Yokozuna, D’lo Brown, Rocky Maivia, Closing Warrior, Sunny, and so exceptional extra.

Greg & Aaron Bauer relive the historical Fun With Ahmed videos from YouTube, and Google Enlighten translates a name to the Iron-On Voicemail line from Hardcore Hawley.

Gregory Iron wrestles with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that has effects on the mobility of his correct arm, hand and fingers. Trained by WWE NXT Star Johnny Gargano in 2006, Iron has conquered his incapacity and long past on to work with a pair of of the tip names in wrestling including “Stone Frigid” Steve Austin, CM Punk, The Dudley Boyz, Tommaso Ciampa and a good deal of others.

Co-host Aaron Bauer has labored within the expert wrestling alternate for over twenty years. A jack-of-all-trades, Aaron has labored within the alternate as a local promoter for ECW events, a manager, and has equipped color commentary over suits for a pair of of the ideal stars in WWE, WCW, ECW, AEW, Influence & ROH.

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Here’s one priceless wrestler!! All correct that is the indispensable customer we've had in a pair weeks on the level to but is a limiteless customer a legendary performer within the area wrestling federation the indispensable african-american intercontinental champion regarded as one of many ideal and most influential wrestlers of the length of time at some stage within the unusual generation and perspective technology ladies and gentlemen it is my honor .

And privilege to introduce to you i'm ed johnson thanks for joining me on the level to nowadays no pain how is things in texas currently for you wow it's magnificent man it's magnificent yeah yeah it's uh we talked a piece bit sooner than we started recording and uh appears .

Enjoy you've been staying busy and you're once at this time doing wrestling interviews fancy this one nowadays and uh earn you earn you performed appearances at this time i mean i purchased so many appearances and podcasts that folks desire me to attain i magnificent don't in actuality earn the time to attain them all .

Yeah properly i i like you making time for this one and i i became doing different examine main as much as this though to be magnificent i'm a limiteless wwf fan from encourage in that length of time within the 90s and so different it is is stuck in my brain different things that you just didn't pause and uh regarded as one of many things that i realized in different .

Interviews that you just doubtlessly did you talked very highly about owen hart and owen is encourage within the wrestling eye within the wrestling scope once extra because i don't know whenever you apply any of the unusual product but they're in actuality doing an owen coronary heart memorial tournament for him in aew i became questioning whenever you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore fragment some .

Of your experiences with owen and the contrivance it feels to know that he's eventually getting the credit he deserves in expert wrestling on this relate day and age properly she has to withhold being lonely he deserved credit approach sooner than now man i mean he became regarded as one of many particular ring generals within the ring that you just would possibly per chance maybe furthermore .

Ever find and it's magnificent sad that it's taking this long for fogeys to launch up their eyes to look who owen coronary heart in actuality became yeah after blue blazer and these assorted characters became a ring frequent fancy i talked about regarded as one of .

The suited and um he became magnificent an outstanding buddy of mine man he's loved to play jokes on me and play games on me and he became magnificent the actual man owen became legendary for his ribs what are a pair of of your favourite locker room ribs intriguing owen coronary heart properly most of them are on me so i mean .

I don't know uh one time i earn relate of he took a stink bomb your stink bomb is correct yeah k and i messed spherical i don't know why i suggested owen that i became meeting my in-laws for the indispensable time at the match i purchased them a field seat up tires .

They would possibly be able to look the match and the entirety and then i went after the match i went and bought dressed as much as flow there and meet him when i became getting dressed i saved smelling fancy dog dookie man i became fancy what the hell this dog odor coming from in my rep yeah i became fancy rattling and no matter what i positioned on it smelled fancy .

That and i needed to flow upstairs and meet them so i went upstairs build a bunch of clone on and didn't work so i went upstairs man and matthew i'm smelling fancy canines oh my god that became my first time meeting these of us i became fancy oh magnificent first impact .

Did it and him and baby boy would continuously switch off and owen did it no baby did it oh that's awesome there's one other sage that you just repeat about owen pranking you into pondering you had been doing the jay leno level to oh yeah where he um i became in my room at some stage in wrestlemania .

That became that's the massive time of the year so um i'm in my room in my lodge room and my phone rings and we had been doing all roughly appearances for all roughly of us within the phone ringing it says hey that is the jay tiny level to and i became fancy oh man that is gonna be .

Huge fancy yeah and i'm answering all these questions what number of of us babies you gotta hunt the utilization of your family yeah i mean that's that doesn't and i'm sitting there asking them all he talked about properly we should always approach and take hold of you up the following day to come night i mean the following day to come morning i don't realize it's my night it .

Became once fancy within the evening kind of deal and so i'm fancy all correct that's chilly it's chilly so i went out and to the mall and brought me a mark unusual suit uh some mark unusual shoes man that cost a fortune and bought me a piece hat and i became magnificent .

Involving man and i'm outdoors ready for the tiny to approach take hold of me up and while i'm ready for the limo owen comes out then davey comes up and i became fancy i mean why you so dressed up that's what i purchased jay tiny level to to attain .

Tonight and um he's fancy man that's [__] you suggested me a piece level to i haven't even did jay tiny level to and i became fancy properly i mean i'm magnificent doing what of us demand me to attain and uh then davey boy .

Comes out and i know something became comical because he became accurate aloof before the entirety and so i'm sitting there man ready for the limo then it dawned on me how would they know my quantity's coming at this explicit time but i aloof don't relate i fancy it then when david got here out brett got here out .

A tiny bit later and became fancy i met that became owen that called you that wasn't david that became all you called you oh fancy oh man and they fell over laughing the baby boy i mean they fell over laughing that's awesome he bought you magnificent yeah then i had this unusual suit and unusual .

Sneakers and nothing for nothing you by no methodology ended up wearing it for the leisure huh you by no methodology end up wearing it for the leisure i went to church k all correct properly as a minimum it bought some employ you brought up wrestlemania and you bought to ride two wrestlemanias wrestlemania 12 and .

Wrestlemania 13. for you increasing up a wrestling fan and lastly going within the enterprise within the gradual 80s early 90s for you became being ready to participate in wrestlemania the head yes yes it became it wasn't better than winning within the continental belt that became that's to me .

That became my pinnacle obvious but i'm going to diminish no belt but yeah wrestlemania became up there i certainly have to discuss about your intercontinental championship take because it became ancient for loads of many causes after we discuss about wrestlemania we're going to soar spherical a piece bit .

Because of i have to discuss a piece bit about your childhood because um i i will expose to a pair of the things that you just went via increasing up and and your athletic background but since we're with regards to wrestlemania wrestlemania 13 uh regarded as one of many highlights of your occupation became teaming with the lod on the street combat .

In opposition to the nation of domination search suggestion from me about that match and what that intended to you i'm aloof hurting from that match it became expedient brutal that became a that became a tough match there man since you had unwell guys once they’d higher than six because they’d their tiny .

Clones available but uh typically you had such guys at some stage in that all six of them had been guys that in actuality didn't give a [__] which approach it went it became it became a combat to look who became the hardest is in actuality what it got here the total draw down to yeah and um .

Man it became painful it became a painful match but it became um it became one region on my mind for i needed to find my revenge on peru because when he kicked me over for the time being i aloof haven't played him encourage obvious so i became ready to present him his receipt that match .

You realize earn him to the tables and then i bust his ribs and he didn't flow clinical institution after the match yeah the brutal match man yeah it's regarded as one of many extra memorable ones of wrestlemania now a match fancy that working with legends fancy lod and working with fruit and these guys how exceptional planning went to that match fancy .

How exceptional did you guys name or became it something that you just guys magnificent had a frequent outline you magnificent went available and did it we magnificent had outlined up there to attain that we didn't name the leisure we magnificent went available and it became typically a shoot match from the be aware flow .

Yeah and if you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore attain a shoot match with appreciate for the actual person you're doing now not looking out for to raze them but you're now not looking out for to soften up the blows too exceptional both and that match became region fancy that it became to the level where i didn't have to heal him hit him to break him or kick him and break him but i desire you to know i've been there .

Honest that's where they honestly feel too so it's fancy battles of the tricky guys but we in actuality fancy yeah and you had been any such tidy individual any such elevated-than-existence individual but but to your size your athleticism became i imagine .

Device sooner than its time a pair of of the things that you just doubtlessly did over the tip rope and off the tip rope i mean it became loopy for a man your size now um did you pattern your kind off of any individual or or became it something that you just magnificent desired to attain to stand out because again different bigger participants .

Weren't doing the things that you just had been doing within the mid 90s no it magnificent roughly got here naturally man i mean i didn't pattern my kind of anybody um one particular person i feeble to fancy to gaze [__] became nikita koloff yeah i don't know why i i didn't powder my kind after the leisure but i had a you .

Know my purple pattern after my trunks and my boots your color fan yeah and that's where that went down properly it's comical that you just brought up the the color of your gear the approach your gear looked now at some stage within the time will earn to you entered the wwf it's a assorted time .

Length in wrestling and you had been effect of within the heart of the transition at the time there became different very cartoonish characters now will earn to you enter the federation uh we hear on the entire that different the fellows got designs by artistic companies the approach the character became going to undercover agent uh your .

Persona now not most efficient became very colourful with the purple on but furthermore very uncommon to you that i haven't considered sooner than since you wore a diffusion of elbow pads and knee pads search suggestion from me about doing that for the character did you approach up with that thought and became it something that you just doubtlessly did to region yourself .

Apart fancy what became the mindset unhurried the approach ahmed johnson looked and became it all from your brain yeah it became something i assumed of and something i did even from the tape over my below my i mean on my palms i didn't hit too many guys doing that so i started doing that i took the my knee pads and pulled .

Them as much as my thigh and made them bypass yeah and it's magnificent something i assumed of to attain but i did it yeah it made you stand out for obvious and uh the admin johnson title who got here up with that um the federation did had been you k with it or did you earn .

Any assorted ideas or you're magnificent fancy hey i'm gratified for this likelihood i'll flow alongside with out a matter you're telling me no i became chilly i intended johnson because it became a title and it’ll furthermore earn went any both approach it’ll furthermore earn went healed to my baby face there's no term fancy ahmed johnson .

It's magnificent the title that they gave me and i went with it because it became so launch to assorted ideas had been you relieved that you just weren't saddled with a cartoonish gimmick because again you bought here into the federation a time where they're rubbish males and plumbers and you stood out now not .

Only as a result of your undercover agent and your athleticism but you looked fancy a expedient badass there became an depth about you i i would possibly per chance maybe imagine that you just had been gratified that you just weren't giving a form of ridiculous characters i'm very gratified very gratified because some ridiculous names got here up fancy uh buck bronson and .

Uh what else attain they are saying but bronze became regarded as one of them i will't bring to mind the quite loads of names but they had been so corny and they would earn gave me this stigma of being this explicit kind of particular person within the ring and i got here to mattress fancy when i got here out they by no methodology suggested me if i became a .

Baby face or a heel they by no methodology suggested as much as the day they’ve by no methodology suggested me if i became a limiteless face or a heel wow they magnificent gave me the title ahmed johnson and shot me to the woods and look what the wolves attain with him yeah and fans be pleased it from the .

Slam yokozuna and from there it took off yeah you slamming yokozuna became regarded as one of many indispensable stuff you doubtlessly did within the federation and and that's a limiteless push to find off the bat because whenever you flow encourage a pair years they ended up giving that very same different to lex luger and uh we effect of considered how that inch panned out for .

Him however the postulate that they would build you with any individual fancy yoko a aged wwf champion it looked fancy correct from the origin vince desired to give you to build the push so search suggestion from me about the different to find the physique slam yokozuna how receptive became yoko to that and i assume search suggestion from me a piece bit about your relationship with vince .

Mcmahon because it looked correct off the rip he in actuality desired to inch with you and push you to the tip properly with yoko it became an honor and the longer extra it goes the extra of an honor i look that it became at the time i didn't look as a limiteless honor because it became magnificent one .

Wrestler towards one other to me and fancy i talked about i hadn't even locked in on my character how i approach out with so exceptional depth and even nowadays they're looking out for to duplicate that depth but they’ll't magnificent fancy you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore't duplicate stone chilly on a rock you magnificent you magnificent can't attain it .

And you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore't duplicate that depth that i earn because every person tries to attain it it appears so faux it's it's it's fancy acting seem fancy what it is is acting but me that's magnificent where i got here out man if i became going into street combat i would possibly per chance maybe pump my depth up fancy that .

And that's magnificent where it became and as far as ideal though man yeah within the origin i mean i in actuality thought that he became unhurried me and going to present me this huge push but as i went on i stumbled on out that what vince that didn't have to provide the area title it became assorted wrestlers .

Enjoy shawn michaels they didn't have to look me push that high i don't know non-public causes are it's magnificent so exceptional that can maybe flow into that that pot that's why no desire me to attain it and i mean i became green i'll i'll relate that i became .

Soundless green and aloof discovering out but i trust i became ready for the area title shot and since sean had the belt and the entirety he typically bought to take hold of who he became going towards i mean he became running the level to encourage then obvious he became typically bought .

In particular one yes and he didn't relate properly i trace what i heard he didn't relate that it became time for dark males to be world champion oh wow yeah but uh i will't relate how he relate that when i'm in .

The continental champion and i became popping the dwelling in all locations we went yeah and traditionally when any individual gets the intercontinental championship especially at some stage in these times you're typically the following in line for the wwf title shot correct .

So i don't know what the deal became for him and his reasoning but that's what it is man properly let's since we're talking about it let's discuss about that intercontinental championship different it ends up occurring at king of the ring 1996. you talked about it yourself it's the spotlight of your occupation but to find there there is a .

Very engrossing angle with one gold dust that gets us to king of the ring 96 whenever you saw it when it took space you'll by no methodology neglect it you experienced it where i'm going search suggestion from me about this segment on monday night raw oh man it became we had practices sooner than handcuffs it became stay .

And we had already went over it and um goldust made up our minds he became going to play a ha dwelling so i went and bought we did the match i’m from the stretcher they rolled me out and after we practiced it dope that became imagined to build his quit my mouth fancy this .

And kiss his hand but he have to flow a step additional and kiss me for accurate and i became fancy what the but there became nothing i would possibly per chance maybe furthermore attain because it became stay i needed to take a seat there and earn it man so when i purchased up i became a piece bit peed about that yeah explosion from there .

And then they um asked who's going to stand in front of the door the outfit to approach via and this jobber raised his hand and talked about oh i'll attain it and i'll attain it fancy he wasn't anxious to attain it or magnificent no appreciate when he talked about so i talked about k you stand correct there now look .

Each person remembers the kiss from gold dust but i earn relate of you pushing that explain via the door because i feeble to chortle and rewind it because it became fancy the noise you build and the the ferocity in which you push him it is it is hilarious to me fancy that man have to .

Like had no thought what he became getting himself into no he would possibly per chance maybe furthermore earn made a occupation out that one i'm telling you doubtlessly did you search suggestion from him after the truth no i couldn't find him after the class they’ll furthermore earn needed to earn him on that stretcher that you just had been on yeah the toys went dwelling man um so main as much as the match with gold .

Mud i would possibly per chance maybe imagine you doubtlessly work some dwelling exhibits with them sooner than king of ring 96 did we attain the dwelling level to let me relate yeah we watched some hot level to but nothing to that level where he became going to kiss me or the leisure correct how did you ride working with dustin in frequent fancy did you be taught plenty from .

Him yes dustin became a limiteless huge employee man he became um typically i let him name the match he became i mean he magnificent calls a hell of a match man he is aware of what he's doing within the ring .

He's uh regarded as one of many particular uh i would possibly per chance maybe have to affirm he's correct up there with owen in him that's high praise yeah i i have to affirm that search suggestion from me about the recollections of king of the ring 96 that day june 23rd 1996 yes i earn that date memorized it's your ideal moment you take the .

Intercontinental championship search suggestion from me about that day your recollections from which earn properly that day i practically blew it i practically blew the decreasing on the championship because it became the indispensable particular person to contact the ground became gonna find the shot k .

Uh dustin hit me we both went over the ropes i don't know whenever you trace that after we both went over the ropes and i became imagined to flow over the ropes oh no i didn't ground my toes bought hung up within the rope thank god my hand became fancy that far from touching the ground oh wow .

Yeah and owen touched the ground my hand's that far touching the ground that's now not where we scripted that's this approach it took space on foot bought into mine and it tripped me oh no yeah and i went over the rope and that end to messing it up wow i did now not have to build this man's .

Got a hell of a degree to available something that went within the agenda but he bought a hell of a articulate their possess praises that man yeah i will imagine but that night search suggestion from me about winning the intercontinental championship and what that intended so that you just can be the indispensable african-american intercontinental champion did you trace the .

Historical significance of what you had been experiencing in that moment honestly no i did i didn't just like the the the how am i able to relate the um entire magnitude of the peril i didn't trace how crucial it became going to be in a while down the line with all these assorted dark .

Ratchets in there winning in continental championship winning championships to be the indispensable it didn't download me how crucial that became till in a while yeah properly i mean nowadays there's so many african-individuals getting uh tidy .

Alternatives in wwe attain you apply the product the least bit attain you sustain up with uh the approach that they're the utilization of the african-american wrestlers nowadays on tv yeah i i gaze them once at this time yeah and it's expedient chilly to look guys fancy kofi kingston and bobby lashley change into the wwe champion is there anybody .

That stands out to you um correct now by blasi does he's bought an awfully same undercover agent to what you had yeah practically the identical yeah one dark man that i trust will seemingly be a limiteless champion world champion is um shelton benjamin .

Yeah he's awesome he’ll be a limiteless champion i don't know why they're hoping the push encourage on him man i don't know he he's continuously been extremely athletically talented and i i in actuality feel fancy it's magnificent uh they're losing his doable yes they are he he would possibly per chance maybe well be huge man as a champion .

What attain you suspect paul you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore work i mean oh yeah what extra attain you fancy to earn from the cube yeah he's a entire equipment what about huge e huge e became any individual that now not too long within the past had the wwe championship a man that magnificent oozes charisma extremely athletic uh he now not too long within the past unfortunately suffered a broken neck i don't know whenever you saw that so he's going to be out for .

A tiny bit bit but are you a fan of large e um huge is one other one which that's a limiteless wrestler and a limiteless promo discuss i magnificent relate that shelton benjamin has your entire equipment yeah i mean he got here up in that very same class with brock lesnar and and magnificent .

Enjoy the athletic credentials that he has he's he's expedient awesome correct if i i needed to build it all together charlie benjamin would possibly per chance maybe well be my man it's an outstanding different yeah uh so that you just take the intercontinental championship uh you are embedded on this .

Feud with the nation of domination and farouk you talked about the kick that he gave you i imagine it became the summer season of 1996 it took you out of motion for a piece bit uh that needed to be an awfully disheartening ride for you you're getting this famous push and then you had been pressured to vacate the .

Intercontinental championship what became going via your mind via that timeframe oh yeah i magnificent i teamed me off when that took space that teed me off and then they gave him the nation that became imagined to fancy be preserving him and .

Stuff it became it became an outstanding storyline i mean a bigger line i magnificent relate we went a piece too long with it because i mean each time i purchased to area if i didn't it be crucial to undercover agent on the list to look who i became fighting it became all made towards the nation our famous nation but component about it is we saved the crowd into it all these suits .

All these months we saved the crowd into it and um i trust that's what's crucial to withhold them conserving the crowd into you you're gimmicking to what you're doing fully and and assorted than the intercontinental championship and numerous than working fruit regarded as one of many .

Diversified highlights for you i trust personally and i'm obvious you you'll agree is you gained the kuwaiti cup and i imagine you beat triple h within the finals uh i i trust you're on file asserting that's regarded as one of your all-time favourite suits yeah that's regarded as one of my all-time favourite suits and regarded as one of my all-time favourite locations to work became kuwait that became .

Man they handled us fancy royalty down there yeah search suggestion from me about that entire ride oh man which earn became something else i mean from the time we bought there to those king-size rooms they gave us to .

Treat us fancy we had been segment of the royal family man it became it became something else um fancy when i purchased down with my match the regarded as one of many sheiks in kuwait regarded as one of many leaders got here and picked me up they called my room with fancy i'm headed um you approach downstairs it's fancy for .

What it's fancy oh magnificent approach downstairs any individual needs to needs to fulfill you so i got here downstairs man and it became a sheep i mean first he had fancy 20 police officers with him at some stage in him preserving him then every person became fancy i have to earn you with me on on a flow to to the mall .

And that i became fancy i'm now not going to affirm no we'll find outdoors there's this huge limo and there's fancy 11 to 12 automobiles within the front 11 12 police automobiles within the encourage motorcycles and the entirety man it became i in actuality feel fancy pure royalty and then we flow to the mall and i purchased to .

The mall and they’d shut them all down and excluding for the retailer householders they had been all there and i'm walking in there man they're giving me gold rings uh blankets all roughly stuff they're magnificent giving it to me wow and a pair of of the householders are in there .

In the shop asserting i mean please bless my baby bless my baby all they wish me to attain is kiss their baby wow yeah that's fancy that became a blessing to a baby which i didn't i don't fancy that because i'm a christian and no i imagine no person will earn to be above the lord obvious no person can .

Bless your baby however the lord and i'm now not no roughly lord but it became they had been doing all that and it they're extra it freaked me out higher than the leisure and i became freaked out man i will imagine dream that something fancy that took space of us desire me to kiss their babies for magnificent perfect fortune .

Honest search suggestion from me about working with hunter for the time being the clique had pretty the recognition unhurried the scenes the clicking pointless to claim is hunter hurst helmsley and shawn michaels kevin nas scott corridor 123 kid search suggestion from me about working with hunter um did you earn any animosity with the clicking i mean clearly you guys must earn gelled magnificent ample to .

Like regarded as one of your all-time favourite suits um working with hunter became regarded as one of many ideal things i i ever did man because fancy i talked about he caught the match and he became i became aloof green and he would lead me and showing me what to attain and telling me to attain this that one other .

And would flip out to be a prominent match but uh with the clicking they didn't mess with me for some motive they doubtlessly did unhurried the scenes fancy i suggested you that i didn't change into world champion because sean michaels didn't relate i became ready .

For no matter motive he would possibly per chance maybe furthermore earn that but they by no methodology mess with me they by no methodology tried to ha-ha me they by no methodology tried to bully me or any of the component they did to assorted guys so that they knew their space and they knew who to debris with who to now not mess with i listened to regarded as one of your interviews and .

You in actuality build over razor ramon scott corridor for being regarded as one of many few guys will earn to you bought here in that in actuality would pull you aside and give you suggestion and uh with scott now not too long within the past passing away i in actuality feel fancy now higher than ever there are different of us paying tribute to the employee within the massive wrestling mind that scott became so .

Seek suggestion from me about your ride getting ideas with scott and what that became fancy for you yeah i did a math one time and when i purchased performed with it i became coming to the encourage i assumed it became a limiteless match but scott stopped me and he became fancy undercover agent at me you need to attain extra of this and never more of this .

And incorporate this in your match and i became worried and and very livid that scott corridor would earn me below your hover for a short bit and repeat me things fancy that and i i i it became an honor for him to attain that and he didn't have to .

Yeah every person else became all staying office because fancy i saw the massive man coming in with high flying strikes and a good deal of of the massive guys there had been jealous of that scott got here correct as much as me and and suggested me what he considered that he loved and he didn't fancy my match and .

I appreciated that man i i in actuality did and he wasn't the most straightforward one which uh closing warrior did one time oh in actuality when he got here encourage yeah to the wwf he called me in his his locker room and i became very worried he became fancy i mean why don't you approach find dressed with .

Me i need no cap from anybody i knew the warrior but i didn't know him yeah him yeah and i went to his locker room man and he um coached me up a piece bit and suggested me a piece bit of history about things that went on things that went on we already know what .

All that is sure but he became he became an awfully gratifying man to me and every person else talks execrable about it yeah but i'm kind fancy a particular person fancy this to me you most efficient judge a particular person by the approach a particular person treats you fancy this interview if i became all snobby .

And heinous with you then any individual in actuality helped you out man oh man he became an [__] they're by no methodology so that you just you judge man by the approach man treats you because i would possibly per chance maybe well now not treat the following interviewer fancy i'm treating you it's who goes off what you in actuality feel .

How the vitality is doing same component within the wrestling match and as as far as i'm fervent we're regarded as one of many nicest guys available as a minimum to me he became obvious that's huge to listen to because fancy you talked about it's roughly a mixed rep as far as ideas goes about the .

Warriors so the truth that you just had a gratifying ride that's continuously a advantageous component to listen to um after we discuss about guys that you just in actuality um bought alongside with unhurried the scenes in wwe you talked about warrior we roughly talked about owen and british bulldog had been there any participants that you just had been particularly end to maybe guys that you just traveled .

With guys that you just went to the gym with properly i rush with the nation we all rush together and you rush with assorted of us fancy one time i traveled with taker and it became yoco taker me and i forgot who else became in .

There but that miserable car became crying and all that weight on it yeah but it became um i in actuality didn't earn one individual that i became tight with it became magnificent i took every person for face price obvious .

Traveling with taker clearly since then and even at that level he became becoming a chronicle but he's had regarded as one of many most legendary careers in history of expert wrestling what roughly knowledge and ideas did you find from a man fancy the undertaker properly magnificent looking out at him you find different knowledge and ideas gaze .

How he pops the crowd gaze how the crowd responds to him is his fancy dreary upward push up when he raises up and you magnificent bought to gaze tiny crucial points fancy that can earn to you're wrestling hearken to the dinky crucial points obvious the dinky crucial points build a limiteless .

Image correct that's something i desire i'd performed extra but any individual fancy taker you you find into that mindset it's where you launch looking out at every tiny component he does and it helps your game you had been in actuality on the verge of .

Working with the undertaker within the famous tournament of canadian stampede 1997 you had been going to struggle for the wwf championship now that is after you flip and be part of the nation which i have to flow encourage and contact on in a 2nd but that different slips away as a result of a knee break if i'm correct there correct um .

Seek suggestion from me about how that felt going into that match having that taken far off from you as a result of a knee break and magnificent attain the plans going ahead had been you going to find the wf championship from the undertaker at canadian stampede i trust i became i assumed i trust i became .

I i don't know i will't relate for 100 however the approach they had been constructing it up i trust i became it became going to be for me within the nation one component that i became in actuality weird .

About so that you just end up turning and joining the nation um the artistic unhurried that you just had feuded with the nation for goodbye and you had been any such in kind baby face what who made that resolution so that you just can flip how did you in actuality feel about that flip uh vince made the resolution i imagine me .

To flip i didn't relate it became an outstanding one because we had had so exceptional heat with each and each assorted i didn't relate that the term became constructed at that level that they had been doing it but i look why once he had me find the project my pause .

He started coming together that's what he became planning on doing it's engrossing because will earn to you exit with your break a man by the title of rocky my v ends up coming encourage he joins a nation of domination i i don't know if that man went on to attain the leisure after this but he ends up becoming the chief of the nation by .

1998. now i don't know how exceptional they suggested you in approach maybe maybe you had been going to take the wf championship at canadian stampede but attain you suspect if things had been assorted i don't know does rocky my by capacity of enter the nation whenever you're now not injured .

Intention you inevitably change into the chief of the nation are these eventualities that you just've ever thought about or or earn some inside insights i trust i would possibly per chance maybe earn grew to alter into the chief of the nation which would possibly per chance maybe had been a flow to but when after we once they broke aside .

Vince called us off to his office um and he became fancy i'm livid i'm going to earn you out the nation and we're fancy what you magnificent build me within the nation i mean it wasn't but a short inch and we asked him why he talked about properly i'm looking out at you guys dawdle down the ramp .

And he talked about there's no person gonna imagine that you just guys would possibly per chance maybe furthermore furthermore be beat by anybody so therefore i'm gonna earn you out and you flow encourage to fighting on this nation but that point we had been fighting man practically a year yeah it became an awfully long time practically a year .

Nonetheless the crowd loved it every minute of it each time we did it they popped and they loved it yeah properly i mean will earn to you discuss about the fright and the intimidation that a community of you guys would possibly per chance maybe furthermore lift i will trace why maybe vince thought maybe it's now not believable that any one .

Might presumably well beat you guys but we've talked about your non-public depth your athleticism um i have to flow encourage approach encourage to your childhood accurate swiftly and uh i don't know if this maybe plays a role in it because for me i didn't earn the actual childhood increasing up i became bullied as a kid my other folks uh had been very verbally would possibly per chance maybe furthermore .

Be physically abusive as properly and as i purchased older and made up our minds that i desired to find into expert wrestling i by no methodology in actuality did the leisure athletic in my existence but i in actuality pushed myself towards weightlifting constructing my physique up and then i desired to prove of us mistaken by becoming a expert wrestler .

You encountered not doubtless odds as a child there's different things that you just went via and i don't know how exceptional you fancy to have to discuss about that here but did the experiences you went via as a child drive you towards athletics became there something that became instilled in you that maybe you wanted .

To prove any individual fancy your father mistaken uh and and maybe change into a indispensable particular person wrestler fancy what what um how did your childhood experiences shape you as the man you are nowadays properly they that depth scene draw to the ring that became largely from my childhood .

Because of i would possibly per chance maybe relate angrily about what my father did and it would in actuality roughly blow the roof off my off the joint as far as me pondering encourage and .

It helped me with my depth and helped me with my strength so in a approach i i loathe to affirm this but in a approach all that execrable got here to something magnificent because it helped me find within the weight room because i have to be stronger than him sooner or later because i desired to beat him up so i mean all that .

Depth and all that that became no matter age became from him yeah and in a approach i felt execrable about it but in a approach it helped me find where i needed to find in sports yeah fully and magnificent talking to you it appears fancy you're in any such limiteless space now in your existence and me personally i'm in a limiteless space .

In my existence but now not speaking for myself every so typically i trust there's tiny particles of that chip on my shoulder that also drive me to earn relate of that even supposing i'm in an outstanding space now i needed to buckle down and do different crap to alter into the man i’m nowadays i will imagine that whenever you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore flow encourage in .

Time um as brutal as a pair of of these moments in your existence would possibly per chance maybe furthermore had been um would you earn changed the entirety that took space to you um or are you k with how the entirety turned out i i trust i would possibly per chance maybe earn changed the beatings and stuff that i purchased yeah even supposing even supposing it's that's an outstanding interrogate because .

You realize one hand i'm asserting i would possibly per chance maybe earn changed it but on the 2nd hand but it had changed me obvious it's a deep interrogate correct so that you just gotta relate you gotta build on them on both scales so yeah i trust i would possibly per chance maybe earn i trust i i would possibly per chance maybe earn performed with out the total beatings and .

Stuff yeah they had been provoking man that became some provoking provoking thoughts hear my dad's van pull up the total motorcycles harley pulled up you magnificent knew he became gonna find something to be offended about yeah .

You realize and that became an awfully provoking feeling as a kid to have to inch and conceal each time you hear a loud car or something approach up yeah i i find it i i became there i i had peril of my dad too unfortunately now we have a first rate relationship and we've effect of made amends on definite .

Things and i will forgive but it's worthy to neglect because these scars whether they're psychological or bodily they persist with you yes very worthy to neglect did a pair of of the things that you just went via with your father uh i know you talked about within the past that uh you had been in .

The bloods for some time did the experiences you went via as a kid being anxious and careworn did that drive you towards gang existence yes they did what had been these experiences fancy for you i will't imagine they had been uh very gratifying .

No none of them are very gratifying um you're becoming concerned with the crew man and it's you're typically discovering your existence with it you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore furthermore be shot killed at any time yeah so i mean that became magnificent one other i didn't trace that as a kid but that became magnificent adding extra .

Chocolate to the cake as far as you being anxious when your dad approach dwelling you're anxious to dawdle the streets because you've performed any individual mistaken and you would possibly per chance maybe well find shot that's magnificent add sparkling to it but in a approach i feeble to affirm to myself that being uninteresting would possibly per chance maybe well be a blessing .

You realize i desired to die i needed any individual to raze me but they by no methodology did and that saw within the past now obvious what what became it that bought you far off from that um .

What bought me far off from it honestly going to the protection force in actuality woke me up yeah but i've had execrable intentions within the protection force with of us fancy a drill sergeant got here one time and i magnificent couldn't earn it anymore him .

Yelling at me because he became so exceptional fancy the childhood he's yelling and calling names and but that is your facet you bought to appreciate them you bought to lift at attention and you bought to no matter he calls you or dusty you spit on no matter you fancy to have to .

Intention you're now not imagined to attain nothing but at one time i couldn't earn it no extra and i magnificent went off on him i became fancy you saw so that you just fancy to have to find down correct now and magnificent let's attain this correct now you fancy to have to combat let's flow and then my assorted facet got here out and .

Grabbed me and he became fancy what are you doing deepest what are you doing and i became fancy oh man i didn't trace i had misplaced contact to where i became and who i became talking to yeah that became from childhood obvious yeah these these experiences that it'll it'll shape you and it'll change .

You oh yeah uh one component that magnificent popped in my brain that i didn't address from earlier um you grew up in florida correct properly i became born in indiana raised up in florida where did you being from pearl river mississippi .

Near from i have not any thought you have not any thought since you're you're fancy the pearl ripper powerhouse you earn the pearl river so that you just have not any thought where this got here from i don't even know where mississippi is i have not any thought where that got here from bro jeez .

That would possibly per chance maybe well be the spotlight of this this interview correct here um let's soar ahead in time a piece bit one component that i've by no methodology heard anybody search suggestion from you about and i don't know whenever you trace this but maybe about 15 years within the past when youtube grew to alter into a component regarded as one of many indispensable viral wrestling things .

On youtube had been became a compilation of your promos from the wwf warzone video game attain about this the least bit now not in actuality i'll have to send them to you after this but but typically the depth of your promos and the approach that you just're talking any individual took the time to .

Translate what they thought that you just had been asserting and it it made for an awfully engrossing video and it's something that also lives on youtube this relate day but it bought me to questioning nowadays the wb superstars they find obliging royalty tests off of these wwe video games encourage at some stage in that point you ended up being in two video games that being .

Warzone which we magnificent talked about and in your private dwelling i earn relate of for wrestlemania the arcade game a piece bit sooner than your time they’d to attain motion hold for that game which became effect of sooner than its time did it be crucial to attain that for in your private dwelling attain you earn relate of the ride of .

Recording these promos for warzone search suggestion from me about your recollections of taking segment within the video game and had been the royalties the leisure fancy they are nowadays you don't have to give me accurate numbers properly no royalties encourage then in our game we most efficient bought two points something p.c oh wow we got here so it became nothing it became a destroy of time in actuality yeah but making .

The games had been stress-free once they brought us in they flew us in and build it on the fairway cowl and build these tiny dots on this tiny fancy fancy mild bulb things and making the game became became stress-free man then to look it all approach together at the end it became it became huge i mean it needed to be a dream approach magnificent to .

Be featured in video games find motion figures uh clearly you had your possess t-shirt line if any individual approached you nowadays uh with mattel they’ve a tidy line of chronicle motion figures that they got here out with would you be launch to the postulate of signing some effect of contract for a ahmed johnson chronicle motion figure i'll shift the monkeys correct .

That it's all about the money man you gotta gotta find that correct quantity of money money correct yeah but it’d be worse yeah for obvious i mean i would possibly per chance maybe furthermore look them coming with about four or 5 elbow pads and knee pads that they’ll furthermore rush on ahmed it’d be a limiteless figure oh yeah .

Um your wbf inch ends in 1998 since you end up leaving for magnificent motive your sister became battling cancer and you desired to exercise time with your sister which i find to be very admirable um you took time far off from the ring um .

Did you attain any indies or the leisure sooner than you end up going to wcw or did you magnificent roughly earn a atomize all together from expert wrestling after uh i roughly took a atomize all together i did this magnificent earn a atomize man what what led you to wcw um stevie ray became an outstanding buddy of mine .

Became once an outstanding buddy of mine and um i haven't spoken to him at this time but he became an outstanding buddy of mine and uh he wanted any individual to approach in as his label personnel accomplice because booker would desire the gun roughly flow on his possess so booker roughly broke off and went and did the leisure and stevie became available .

All on my own he wanted that personnel accomplice so i went on and he called me and i trust when i have to attain it sooner or later when i became fancy obvious i mean that is a dream would possibly per chance maybe well draw to me in my childhood buddy going to be tagging together so that that's what bought me into the fcw you end up being called huge t and you guys are harlem heat 2000. your inch .

There most efficient lasts a pair months uh what became the ride fancy in wcw when in contrast with the wwf and what resulted in your departure from the firm properly the wwe from the adaptation became it became the fellows fancy in wwf they shout plenty about oh he hit me too worthy or magnificent that one other and .

I became now not even in shape when i went ww and i became hitting them guys and no person ever complained ever cried about it or the leisure and i know a pair of pictures i threw it shooting on them i didn't mean to attain it on motive but it it got here out that approach and they by no methodology did shout .

Never did complain or the leisure so the man looked as if it’d be plenty harder from the fcw how did you in actuality feel about the harlem heat 2000 storyline because it appears to find different flack online nowadays of us relate it's i mean doubtlessly for magnificent motive they relate it's roughly absurd that um the the famous core of the feud became essentially essentially based totally .

On the suited to the letter t uh how did you in actuality feel about that entire peril when it's pitched to you attain you magnificent have to personnel with your buddy and work with your visitors from the past and and and receives a commission or or are you roughly hesitant about the sage line yeah it became corny man .

It became corny i became fancy what we're battling over the letter t this is able to maybe well be the after college special program or something sesame street wcw sesame street it became magnificent corny man i didn't in actuality feel it i wasn't into it i couldn't find ahmed johnson's character find in there that depth i .

Had i couldn't lift all that with me but it became magnificent i don't know who even regarded as that but it became that became silly man yeah roughly ridiculous uh regarded as one of my favourite components about your inch in wcw i trust uh and you would possibly per chance maybe well now not even earn relate of this but there's a unhurried the scenes segment where you're .

Wearing this improbable vivid red no limit jumpsuit it is the ideal having a undercover agent component i've ever considered in my existence and i if i would possibly per chance maybe furthermore find a form of i would possibly per chance maybe build on it nowadays where had been you purchasing for an outfit fancy that encourage in 2000 uh at this tiny retailer they bought up here .

K what's the title of it i gotta write it down man i don't even know what the title of it became i know where that i don't know the title of it rattling it all correct properly maybe i'll have to peep a vintage one on ebay sooner or later but uh that became the spotlight for me but what resulted in your departure in wcw .

Factual me now not alive to to be be there for the time being me now not being in shape me magnificent now not ready yeah um will earn to you leave wcw you end up doing some indie pictures did you you went over in a single other nation for a piece bit if i'm correct correct .

There you flow so uh search suggestion from me a pair of few of your ride in japan on the indies and um per the cyber web and this is able to maybe furthermore or would possibly per chance maybe furthermore now not be magnificent uh your occupation ends up winding down in 2003. um search suggestion from me about what resulted in your departure from expert wrestling um first of all japan became it became fine .

In a approach and it became execrable a approach i mean as far as meals and stuff flow i i needed to circulation on all that but it became the fellows had been fine and the entirety and the of us had been fine and so on with that as far as me leaving .

Professor wrestling i magnificent bought burnt out with it man with going encourage and forth and my wife became pregnant and i magnificent it became it became magnificent time for me to flow became there ever any thought about maybe doing extra motion pictures and stuff because i know you doubtlessly did a pair motion pictures .

Undoubtedly one of which became uh you played suge knight within the mc hammer sage uh had been motion pictures ever an likelihood for you um they had been and they aloof are i'm obsessive about once i find encourage in shape i'm obsessive about hitting up some extra movie scenes and look what i will find .

That'd be awesome that'd be in actuality chilly to look the rock of a grip yeah you gotta find bought to find that rock paycheck man magnificent give me 10 what you build i'll be gratified how attain you in actuality feel about the total success of the rock i mean you knew him in within the infancy of his occupation and now .

He's regarded as one of many ideal wrestlers of all time he's the ideal field office attraction what are your thoughts properly i trust he bought what he did i mean he became an outstanding interviewer man he became magnificent on the mic and and all that i trust he .

Deserves what he's getting having a undercover agent encourage uh you had a short inch within the wwf but it's an awfully memorable inch i trust you done plenty fancy i talked about his sage it being the indispensable wbf interconnell champion african-american is there the leisure that you just desire you would possibly per chance maybe well earn done outdoors of the .

Wwf championship at some stage in your inch at some stage in my inch yeah i became already bought the area title i mean that's the head yeah aloof we effect of bought that because then that can earn locked the entirety down the indispensable block .

In the continental champion for about world title holder that can had been huge but it didn't happen so i'm now not gonna shout with spilled milk became there a dream opponent for you that you just by no methodology bought to find within the ring with um who i would possibly per chance maybe fancy to .

Wrestle on this time or encourage then both or give me give me both i would possibly per chance maybe be pleased to flow towards brock lesnar or bobby lashley for this recent encourage then i became loving being a warrior curved up or me and psycho talked about that can had been awesome you talked about uh interviews you had been accurate end with sid .

Sid is one other man that's effect of a polarizing figure what became your friendship fancy with sid so we needed to we had an outstanding week we by no methodology had any arguments or any blowbacks or the leisure i assumed i assumed he became a limiteless dude man regarding what of us relate about him i assumed he became huge dude .

A form of of us relate that he became a limiteless softball man did you ever look sid play softball i by no methodology considered it but i heard that too i heard he loved softball uh some any individual uh once they heard i became doing this interview with you my buddy ryan krausdal holla on facebook he asked me to request you whenever you earn any .

Recollections from the celeb softball game from the wrestlemania 12 weekend that you just talked about i earn relate of that thoroughly don't search suggestion from me about which earn it became magnificent a stress-free time it became i played catcher k and uh very it became an awfully stress-free time nothing spectacular took space .

Nonetheless magnificent the of us available and offense softball gets these celebrities it became chilly man yeah i it's um this has been a limiteless ride talking to you because i in actuality feel fancy um the cyber web community community as far as expert wrestling flow is an engrossing .

Bunch and i in actuality feel fancy that you just find different flack um doubtlessly now not undeserved because and as you talked about you bought to treat a particular person the approach they treat you and you’ve got got been nothing but kind on this ride and i will't thanks ample so it's fancy um seeing how gratified and advantageous you are in your existence in actuality uh warms my coronary heart and .

And nowadays recent day uh you had any such not doubtless inch at some stage in your short inch but not doubtless if the jedi approached you about coming encourage and doing something fancy the corridor of status is that something you'd be launch to doing .

Um i'm the yes i trust being the indispensable african-american incontinental champion i trust i deserve a space within the corridor of mine yeah i trust for obvious uh if they wanted you to approach encourage in some effect of capacity fancy uh some effect of customer role or something is that something you'd be .

Commence to as properly oh yeah i would possibly per chance maybe i i have to request you some swiftly questions magnificent hasty fireplace you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore relate as exceptional as tiny as you fancy to have to roughly wrap this up does that sound magnificent to you k chilly um attain you earn a favourite musical artist um .

Jermaine dupri mine k magnificent different favourite movie favourite movie the avengers traditional be pleased it my i'm obvious my girlfriend is taking mark of this uh i became approach unhurried on shock motion pictures i .

Factual saw the indispensable avengers movie and uh you hear man i i'm catching up because i've been sporadic with my shock motion pictures there's definite characters that i lean towards fancy i've made obvious to look the total spider-man motion pictures and all that but but it's fancy i'm unhurried please don't judge me on that .

All correct attain you earn a favourite shock character um my favourite character became iron man i needed to i needed to find to iron man k all correct magnificent different i fancy that uh favourite agent to work with at some stage in your time in wwf favourite asian i relate briscoe .

What became it about briscoe that you just loved properly in actuality he became on but he became fancy i assume assigned to me repeat me about my suits who i earn what what you've performed and roughly magnificent grew on him from there did you earn a favourite referee to work with now not in actuality .

K magnificent um is there one component within the wbf you desire you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore earn performed over uh yeah i desire i would possibly per chance maybe furthermore earn left in a assorted approach magnificent magnificent ample extra thought yeah but fancy sparkling the peril with your sister um .

I don't know i in actuality feel fancy doubtlessly spending these last days alongside with her whenever you wouldn't earn performed that i will't i will imagine that it’ll furthermore had been something that you just would possibly per chance maybe well earn regretted for the comfort of your existence correct the most straightforward component that i'm asserting when i relate i feel sorry about i'm magnificent going to exercise overtime if i didn't repeat vince .

The categorical sage because increasing up fancy i grew up as you doubtlessly did we don't repeat of us our complications most of our complications we suck them up and address them in a piece ball inside of us and let it magnificent fester in there but um i desire i'd suggested vince the actual .

Deal while i became leaving yeah i find that that is perfect um flash funk any thoughts on him oh wow he's aloof wild i attain exhibits with him the total time and uh he's a character i i fancy too chilly .

I be pleased him man he became an outstanding dude man any magnificent two chilly scorpio experiences um then i don't relate he bought me to raze k i i roughly figured that became the response i became gonna find um any diesel recollections no in no contrivance now not exceptional interaction with kevin nash no .

What about brian pillman no no i in actuality don't both purple coronary heart brett obliging chilly man man obliging chilly did he ever uh suppose you the leisure that stands out to .

You within the ring or the leisure fancy that no magnificent stand encourage within the encourage curtain looking out at him man you would possibly per chance maybe furthermore take hold of up different stuff yeah regarded as one of many all-time greats for obvious um a polarizing figure that's been within the media now not too long within the past for different mistaken causes any thoughts on sunny .

So who sunny oh my god earn you considered the unusual news alongside with her yes she's been a turd from the be aware flow man i'm i loathe to affirm it but she's been doomed from where it flow yeah she by no methodology realized a lesson and god is aware of she had magnificent talked about that she .

Had realized that the lifetime of any individual else uh yeah it's um yeah it's a it's a messed up peril um any thoughts on mankind uh magnificent loopy he became certainly a wild man speaking of .

Wild man imprint romero any thoughts on him uh imprint became continuously a groovy dude too man he became continuously accurate mellow encourage within the locker rooms d-lo brown oh now not a fan what became the peril with d-lo uh he flow spherical telling of us that he .

Beat me up i did i now that you just talked about i didn't earn relate of hearing that in regarded as this form of he talked about he build me in a full nelson and that became beating me up so sooner than nelson what you name beat up you don't desire me to level to you what beat up's all about yeah yeah would possibly per chance maybe furthermore had been a assorted .

Effort for obvious but for nelson and relate the deep ask raze bilo did that happen no i don't know where d lo find that from him build me in a phone nelson i i trust there's one other sage available some effect of altercation between you and the rock did that ever happen yeah we we had our flow back and forth what became .

That about um about him magnificent typically bit running his mouth but you shouldn't had been running it magnificent ample uh any thoughts on duke the dumpster rosie i i feeble to i i fancy dude man i didn't earn any pain with dude man .

Yeah i had him on the podcast now not too long within the past expedient magnificent man oh yeah stone chilly steve austin regarded as one of many particular he's a chronicle he's a chronicle for obvious i assume that's the total names i purchased here um attain you earn a favourite meals your favourite meals yeah .

I'm a sushi man k all correct i appreciate that are you a soup man and whenever you had a different between hen noodle or wonton purple meat stew what would you recall wonton i appreciate that too that is hear i don't know why i'm going to end on that but i'm going to end on that i in actuality earn one extra interrogate that i request .

Each person sooner than i request that hear i will't thanks ample for taking approach overtime than you suggested me we're gonna earn so i certainly owe you one for this one this has been regarded as one of many particular interviews i've ever performed it's been a pleasure conversing with you and attending to know extra about you .

I know your father nowadays and i purchased to imagine that the tragedies that you just went via as a child that in actuality influenced you to raise your kids in a exceptional assorted draw than you had been raised correct am i correct so um .

Per chance i know where that is going but um nowadays 2022 i'm ed johnson huge t tony norris he's lived pretty the existence nowadays what conjures up you what retains you going my kids you hit that spherical correct on the bucket correct .

How many kids attain you earn uh let me depend again uh seven wow yeah i'm now not getting busy yes indeed they're all grown down there they're all dopes now so now i'm purchasing for my loans from again no properly properly you're you .

Weren't on my own tonight because we we had a fine dialog and i very satisfying i will't hold up for every person to listen to this and find the ideas about it and maybe maybe look a facet of ahmed johnson that they didn't know became available correct because every person has a sage and you’ve got got pretty the not doubtless sage and um .

Intention you earn any social media or the leisure any appearances increasing that you just'd fancy to scoot um no i'm now not now not that i will earn relate of if anybody must find in contact with with you for autograph signings non-public appearances is a approach that they’ll attain so .

Factual flow to facebook magnificent undercover agent up tony norris yeah tony norris or ahmed johnson both one sounds magnificent too man that is even handed one of many smoothest interviews i've ever performed that i i like you asserting that but i trust it's magnificent because i'm i'm obsessed .

With the wwf from this length of time i earn notes in front of me but i barely looked at him it's very sad with your notes in front of you i mean you you your your interview methodology is so gentle and it's magnificent so huge and so i didn't even hearken to the time .

I like that which methodology very exceptional i'm going to withhold going and uh i i magnificent can't thanks ample for this interview and uh expectantly we would possibly per chance maybe furthermore furthermore be in contact k brother no pain name me time
These wrestling match are pretty awesome!!

Ahmed Johnson 2022 Shoot Interview: Warzone Game, Wearing All Those Pads, IC Title Rob, Mountainous T, extra

Ahmed Johnson 2022 Shoot Interview: Warzone Game, Wearing All Those Pads, IC Title Win, Big T, more