AEW’s The Butcher Saves A Chipmunk From Drowning, Names It Rudy

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AEW’s The Butcher Saves A Chipmunk From Drowning, Names It Rudy

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Who says The Butcher doesn’t have a heart? One half of the All Elite Wrestling tag team, Butcher and the Blade, recently encountered a chipmunk in trouble, and the AEW wrestler saved them from drowning.

The Butcher told the story on social media this week in a very heartwarming tweet:

“I saved a drowning chipmunk this morning. That’s good universe vibes. Lil buddy just needed a nice blanket and a walnut,” The Butcher tweeted.

When a fan asked The Butcher if the next time we saw him on AEW television if he’d come out with the chipmunk on his shoulder, The Butcher told the fan, “I want that more than you could ever wonder.”

A few hours later, The Butcher tweeted out a photo of the chipmunk wrapped in a blanket resting with some nuts by his side, revealing that he had named the chipmunk Rudy.


— Bunkhouse Butch (@andycomplains) June 16, 2021

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What do you think of The Butcher’s kind act to save a drowning chipmunk? Does this make him a babyface in your eyes? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.