AEW Trademarks ‘Forbidden Door’ And ‘Forbidden Portal’

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AEW Trademarks ‘Forbidden Door’ And ‘Forbidden Portal’

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AEW has filed two new trademarks (h/t: Heel By Nature) seemingly related to their openness to work with other promotions.

On February 8, AEW trademarked “Forbidden Door” and “Forbidden Portal” for the following intended usages:

International Class 025: Bandanas; Hats; Headwear; Pants; Shirts; Shorts; Socks; Sweatshirts; Undergarments; Jackets; T-shirts

International Class 041: Educational and entertainment services, namely, a continuing program about wrestling accessible by radio, television, satellite, audio; video and computer networks; Entertainment services in the nature of development, creation, production, distribution, and post-production of wrestling programs and events; Entertainment services in the nature of live wrestling performances; Entertainment services in the nature of production of wrestling programs and events; Entertainment services, namely, production and distribution of ongoing television programs in the field of wrestling; Entertainment services, namely, providing ongoing webisodes featuring wrestling via a global computer network; Entertainment services, namely, an ongoing multimedia program featuring wrestling distributed via various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media; entertainment services, namely, an ongoing series featuring wrestling provided through a global computer network.

Intent to Use: The applicant has a bona fide intention, and is entitled, to use the mark in commerce on or in connection with the identified goods/services.

The Forbidden Door was a phrase coined by Hiroshi Tanahashi during his rivalry with Chris Jericho referencing the potential working relationship between New Japan Pro-Wrestling and AEW. This past Wednesday, there was an inter-promotional tag team main event featuring KENTA of NJPW.

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