AEW Submits a Fresh Trademark Application

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On Thursday, AEW trademarked “AEW Dynasty.”

It’s unclear what the trademark is for, but it’s listed for entertainment services. Here is the description:

“Mark For: AEW: DYNASTY trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services in the nature of live wrestling performances; Entertainment services in the nature of production of wrestling programs and events; Entertainment services, namely, an ongoing multimedia program featuring wrestling distributed via various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media; Entertainment services, namely, production and distribution of ongoing television programs in the field of wrestling.”

AEW Trademarks “AEW Dynasty” for Entertainment Services

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has recently trademarked the term “AEW Dynasty,” leaving fans and wrestling enthusiasts curious about its potential use. While the exact purpose of the trademark remains unknown, it has been registered under the category of entertainment services. The description provided sheds some light on the possible applications of this trademark.

The trademark filing states that “AEW Dynasty” is intended to cover various forms of entertainment related to wrestling. These include wrestling contests, live wrestling performances, production of wrestling programs and events, and the distribution of wrestling content through multiple platforms and transmission media.

One of the primary aspects covered by the trademark is entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests. This suggests that AEW may be planning to introduce a new event or series centered around the concept of a dynasty within the wrestling world. It could involve storylines and rivalries revolving around established wrestling families or factions vying for supremacy.

Furthermore, the trademark also encompasses entertainment services in the form of live wrestling performances. This indicates that AEW may be considering hosting special events or shows under the “AEW Dynasty” banner, providing fans with an immersive experience featuring their favorite wrestlers.

In addition to live performances, the trademark filing mentions the production of wrestling programs and events. This suggests that AEW might be planning to create a dedicated television program or series focused on “AEW Dynasty.” Such a program could delve into the intricacies of wrestling dynasties, exploring their history, rivalries, and legacies.

Moreover, the trademark covers the distribution of wrestling content through various platforms and forms of transmission media. This implies that AEW may be looking to expand its reach beyond traditional television broadcasts. Fans might expect to see “AEW Dynasty” content available on streaming platforms, social media channels, and other digital mediums, ensuring widespread accessibility for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

While AEW has not provided any specific details about their plans for “AEW Dynasty,” the trademark filing suggests that the company is exploring new avenues to engage and entertain their audience. By trademarking this term, AEW has taken a significant step towards securing the rights to use it exclusively in the realm of wrestling entertainment.

As fans eagerly await further announcements and developments regarding “AEW Dynasty,” it is clear that AEW is committed to expanding its brand and offering unique experiences to wrestling enthusiasts. Whether it involves captivating storylines, thrilling live events, or innovative digital content, “AEW Dynasty” has the potential to become a prominent feature in the world of professional wrestling.