AEW Ringside Exclusive Action Figure + AEW Action Figure News Updates (Photos)

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AEW Ringside Exclusive Action Figure + AEW Action Figure News Updates (Photos)

C2E2 was this weekend in Chicago and Wicked Cool Toys revealed the upcoming AEW Ringside Exclusive action figure! Not to mention more news on the toy line was revealed.

AEW Unrivaled Figures

AEW Ringside Exclusive

The first Ringside Exclusive AEW action figure will be Chris Jericho with the AEW title and a little bit of the bubbly! Wicked Cool Toys revealed a render of the upcoming figure at C2E2. It comes with:

  • AEW World Championship Belt
  • Champagne Bucket
  • Bottle of Bubbly
  • Cup
  • Deli Platter Spread
  • Folding Table
  • Shirt (not pictured)
  • Microphone

It even comes in special bubbly style packaging and is expected to release mid-July. You can currently pre-order it now over on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

AEW RINGSIDE EXCLUSIVE: Pre-order now on @RingsideC and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG!

Soft goods shirt will be included with figure

— Wrestling Figure News Source (@WrestleFigNews) February 28, 2020


— Wrestling Figure News Source (@WrestleFigNews) February 28, 2020

AEW Figure News Updates

While we were at C2E2 we were able to talk directly to the AEW team, such as the lead designer Magic Olmos as well as the brand manager Greg Mitchell. While Ringside Collectibles recently released a Q&A video with them from Toy Fair last week we were able to ask some of the other questions collectors had.

  • The series is exclusive to Walmart in 2020 and will be available at more retailers in 2021
  • New sets are expected to release every 8 weeks starting August 1st
  • Only the first few sets have been locked/confirmed so far
  • Everyone on the roster is capable of having a figure, whether a wrestler or other on-air personality (referee, announcer, etc.)
  • Entrance Stages and other play sets are a possibility, but Wicked Cool wants to hear from you directly on that
  • There will not be any chase variant attires like the Mattel line, rather just 1/500 and 1/1000 figures
  • The Authentic Scale Ring has new turnbuckle posts and turnbuckles compared to the older WWE ones
  • UK, Canada and other outside the US vendors will be selling them, such as: Toy Planet
  • Jon Moxley will not be coming with the AEW title in Series 2 as a rumor is going around he will be, but the image floating around is just to honor his epic win at Revolution
  • The hands will be swappable on all of the figures, meaning universal, much like the Mattel ones
  • The AEW figures scale perfectly with Mattel Elites besides being in a realistic scale with each other
  • Two-packs and 3-packs will only exist if a retailer wants them, such as Walmart, so they may be an exclusive
  • The figures have cloth goods that are tailored properly to their bodies unlike several clothing seen on the old Jakks WWE line
  • The figures will have attire variations through the series much like Mattel does
  • More women superstars will be seen throughout the line
  • Ringside has several exclusives planned for the AEW line already
  • With Ringside being a distributor Wicked Cool is able to produce more adult-oriented figures, such as Jericho with the bubbly, as stores like Walmart would not be as open to that due to subject matter

You can see more in the Q&A video courtesy of Ringside here:

Overall, these figures honestly look very nice in person. Collectors should be very happy with what’s to come as they have great articulation, cloth goods, awesome accessories and detail and much more. The line sounds like it will be very promising and Greg/Magic are very open to collector feedback to help improve the line. Be sure to make your voice heard on their social media as they are open to suggestions.

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