AEW On TNT Show Name Revealed Early?, Orton Takes Back Praise For King Corbin, Ethan Page (Finally) Has Time Off

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AEW On TNT Show Name Revealed Early?, Orton Takes Back Praise For King Corbin, Ethan Page (Finally) Has Time OffAll Elite Wrestling - AEW Being The Elite

According to a new listing on Comcast’s Xfinity channel guide, All Elite Wrestling‘s new television show on TNT will be called ‘All Elite Wrestling Dynamite’. Yesterday, a report revealed AEW recently applied to trademark “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite.” The company previously applied to trademark ‘Wednesday Night Dynamite’ in June and “Tuesday Night Dynamite” in November 2018 before the promotion publicly announced plans for their television program or status.

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AEW Dynamite going up against the Wild Card game!

— Michael (@mikeVSphilly) September 18, 2019

Kassius Ohno posted the following words of encouragement after WWEShop revealed a number of new NXT t-shirts yesterday. The response was less than favorable for some of the ‘basic’ designs, but Ohno made a point to say it’s what’s IN the shirt, not ON it.

Look who has a brand spankin’ new t-shirt over on @WWEShop

Let’s sell a whole gang of these so someone will go “hm, we should probably make a whole bunch of different shirts for this guy.”

Thank you 👍🏼

— KASSIUS (KASH-US) (@KassiusOhno) September 18, 2019

NWA’s Dave Lagana announced the promotion will be holding a press event for their upcoming television tapings in Atlanta:

Attention Media/podcasters

If you’re in Atlanta or around there, we will be having a press event on 9/30 in the AM.

Full release coming next week but DM to get on list.

— David Lagana (@Lagana) September 17, 2019

AJ Lee is asking for feedback on the GLOW comic she’s working on; fans can submit their suggestions for wrestler nicknames and have a chance to make it into the book:

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Hey guys, we need your creative minds! @Aimee_Garcia and I need 80s wrestler style nicknames for our debut GLOW comic! Got any ideas? The best suggestions will make it into the comic!!! (See pic for inspo) (And try to keep it clean) (…ish)

— AJ (@TheAJMendez) September 17, 2019

Ethan Page’s latest v-log is out, where he recaps his twelve days off at home with his family:

I’m a father first & a wrestler second. Having these 12 days off to spend it with my family was much needed for my sanity! This is my fav v-log of all time for obvious & very personal reasons. I couldn’t do any of this without my family. Enjoy seeing inside my life. Hope you enjoy!

Randy Orton posted the following comments on Twitter, initially praising Baron Corbin’s work, but then had a little fun with the internet by saying he took it all back because he’d been drinking when he posted the initial comment:

Hate to say it but he’s one of the few that gets the art

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) September 17, 2019

I’d like to retract this statement because I had been drinking heavily. I also would like to apologize to all of my peers.

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) September 17, 2019

All hail @BaronCorbinWWE also I retract this statement.

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) September 18, 2019