AEW Official Stephon Smith Shares How “Intense” Being A Referee Can Be

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Stephon Smith may not be a professional wrestler, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t taken his fair share of bumps in the ring.

Smith, who has previously officiated for WWE, joined AEW in February 2022 and has officiated on both TV as well as the promotion’s YouTube shows.

On AEW Unrestricted, Smith spoke about the various bumps and scrapes he’s taken in the line of duty as a referee. He said:

“My back has taken so much of a beating so far this year. I got squashed in the corner last week, I took an elbow drop, and I landed on my neck this past week.”

The interview was taped just after AEW Dynamite in El Paso, where Smith took a bump during the AEW World Tag Team Championship match after colliding with Anthony Bowens.

Smith added that things can get pretty “intense” when he steps foot in the ring, saying:

I’ve taken more of a beating than I have in the last five years. Thankfully I’m ok, I’m upright, I can actually walk. It was pretty intense.”

Fellow AEW referee Aubrey Edwards said in the interview that Smith’s resilience in the face of so many bumps has many of the AEW referees feeling jealous.

Smith made sure to mention that Bowens apologized for the bump, which Smith called the “gnarliest looking” fall in his career.

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