AEW Has No Interest In Moving Dynamite To Monday Nights

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AEW Has No Interest In Moving Dynamite To Monday Nights

AEW Dynamite Results

The rumor mill began swirling last week when Cody Rhodes said in a media call that he would not mind moving Dynamite away from Wednesday nights in the future. Cody was quoted saying that if a situation came up where they needed to move to Monday night’s, they would be just as successful as they are now.

AEW founder Tony Khan put those rumors to rest by adamantly saying that there are no plans to move away from Wednesday’s, especially not for Monday. The main reason actually doesn’t have anything to with RAW, but with the Khan family’s involvement in the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars are owned by the Khan’s and a move to Monday’s could effectively mean competing against themselves. Tuesday night’s have always been a possibility for AEW, but NBA season has effectively taken away that possibility.

Tony also talked some during the PPV post show scrum and had the following to say:

When Cody does those media calls, it’s great and I was listening to it. At times, I am usually smiling or laughing but that would have been one of the times I wished I could have jumped in. That may be his view for five years as his personal view and that might be his view as the Executive Vice President, but as the President, CEO and the owner of AEW, I’m telling you I want to be on Wednesday nights. have no intentions of moving for a variety of reasons. I’m really happy with where we are, the relationship that we have with TNT. It’s a night that works great for them and their programming slot and we have been a top performer for them in the night and through the week as an original series. We have been competing with the top programs on cable on Wednesdays. Also, I said from the beginning, I never want to compete with Monday Night Football. I think they’re the greatest franchise on cable, so I don’t want to do it, plus my family and I own 100 percent of the Jaguars, so we are as big a partner with the NFL as anyone. I do not want to be on Monday nights.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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