AEW Dynamite Results (6/4/21)

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AEW Dynamite Results (6/4/21)

AEW Dynamite Sting Darby Allin

Credit: AEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, we experience the aftermath of AEW Double or Nothing as Sting and Darby Allin came out victorious in The Icon’s first live match under the All Elite banner. Plus, The Young Bucks take on PAC and Penta El Zero M.

June 4, 2021, Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL
Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

PAC & Penta El Zero M vs. The Young Bucks (with Don Callis)

The Bucks give Michael Nakazawa their headband at ringside and Frankie Kazarian attacks Nak from behind. PAC and Penta dive on top of the Bucks before giving the brothers back body drops. Callis is on commentary. They get in the ring and the bell rings. Commentary notes that both Fenix and Jon Moxley are out due to the attacks of The Bucks. Penta gets a near fall and Nick gets tagged just to get thrust kicked. Tag back to Matt who gets thrust kicked and PAC leaps in with a cutter. He continues offense. PAC ascends up top but Matt bails.

On the outside Nick punts PAC in the face. He holds PAC for Matt who runs around the ring and lariats him in a playful manner the elicits boos. Cutler rubs MAtt’s fancy shoes. PAC knocks Matt inside out. PAC kicks Nick off the apron as Matt hits him with a flurry of punches.