AEW Dynamite Results (3/4/2020)

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AEW Dynamite Results (3/4/2020)

AEW Dynamite Results

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The show starts with the brand new world champion, Jon Moxley, praising the fans and saying that pro wrestling is back with AEW. Moxley promises to defend the belt with his life, says nobody can take the belt from him. Chris Jericho is out with the rest of the Inner Circle and he says he doesn’t need a belt to make him Le Champion.

“What a proclamation, Jon Moxley, daring the Inner Circle to come out and face you.” Chris Jericho began before saying that he thinks the Jon Moxley era sucks ass. So, the crowd chants back that Jericho sucks ass. Chris Jericho calls Moxley a liar for faking the eye injury. He then calls the crowd liars for going along with the charade. Jericho says that now he doesn’t have the title, the Inner Circle is now a group of hit squad members.

Jericho then says he’s putting the entire roster on notice, saying that they will run through everybody until Jericho gets his belt back. Jericho says they’re going to start with Moxley, before hyping the main event. Jericho said that after the match Moxley will not walk out of the city on his own two feet.

Jericho then says that if he doesn’t fulfill his promise, he will take a leave of absence from the company for 60 days.

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