AEW Cancels Match Due to Wrestler’s Refusal to Let Opponent Win

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Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that a match on the October 20 edition of AEW Rampage was pulled at the last minute. 

Metalik was unwilling to lose to Komander on the show. It should be noted that AEW did book the former WWE star a few days later for the Collision show that also served as ROH TV tapings. 


“The reason the 10/20 Rampage show had only three matches instead of four is because Komander vs. Metalik was booked for the show and then pulled when Metalik refused to put Komander over,” Meltzer wrote. “Metalik still worked Collision a few days later but that can’t have helped his standing here,” Meltzer wrote.

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In a recent report by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was revealed that a match on the October 20 edition of AEW Rampage was pulled at the last minute. The match in question was supposed to feature Metalik and Komander, but Metalik refused to lose to Komander, resulting in the match being canceled.

It is worth noting that AEW did book Metalik for the Collision show a few days later, which also served as ROH TV tapings. However, Meltzer speculates that Metalik’s refusal to put Komander over may have affected his standing within the company.

This incident highlights the importance of cooperation and professionalism in the world of professional wrestling. Wrestlers are expected to follow the agreed-upon outcomes of matches, as it is essential for storytelling and maintaining the credibility of the sport. When a wrestler refuses to lose to their opponent, it can disrupt the planned narrative and create complications for the promotion.

While it is not uncommon for wrestlers to have creative differences or disagreements, it is crucial for them to find a compromise that satisfies both parties involved. In this case, Metalik’s refusal to put Komander over resulted in the match being pulled from the show, potentially impacting Metalik’s standing within AEW.

As fans, it is important to remember that professional wrestling is a form of entertainment that relies on storytelling and predetermined outcomes. The wrestlers involved dedicate their time and effort to entertain us, and it is essential to respect their decisions and the creative process behind their performances.

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In conclusion, the incident involving Metalik and Komander serves as a reminder of the importance of cooperation and professionalism in professional wrestling. Wrestlers must be willing to work together and follow the agreed-upon outcomes for the benefit of the promotion and the fans.