AEW Attorney Reveals Nixing An In-Ring Stunt, Tony Schiavone On Attending Every AEW Show

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During this weekend’s Starrcast VI convention in Chicago, AEW attorney Christopher Peck was asked about an idea that had to be shot down for AEW programming. He said,

“Truly, one of my favorite stories that I tell other lawyers. I got a call, I can’t remember who, it was a panicked call. It was maybe ten minutes before showtime. I wasn’t in the building and they were panicking. The question was, ‘Can we bring a hatchet to the ring?’ I said, ‘A hatchet? What are we doing with a hatchet?’ They explained the stunt and I was like, ‘No, we can’t bring a hatchet to the ring.”


Peck didn’t reveal who wanted to bring the hatchet to the ring.

On a recent edition of his “What Happened When” podcast, AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone spoke about his commitment to attend every AEW show, even though AEW President Tony Khan has insisted that he doesn’t have to. He said,

“This lifestyle hasn’t bit me in the ass yet, Conrad [Conrad Thompson], and I don’t think it will. The fact that you see me at times on Collision is because I told Tony [Tony Khan], ‘I’m going to go to every show.’ Some guys go to some shows, and some guys don’t. Same with the people backstage. Some guys go, and some guys don’t. Tony told me, he said, ‘You do only have to come to every show.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but I made a commitment to you, and I made a commitment to this company. So I’m gonna be at every show. It’s worth it. I have fun on Saturdays, I really do. I enjoy Saturdays a lot. I enjoy seeing guys that I don’t see on Wednesdays. We have two different backstage crews that do pre-tapes, and I enjoy working with them. So it’s good stuff.”

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