Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) Reflects On His WWE Release, Freeing His Narrative

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Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) Reflects On His WWE Release, Freeing His Narrative

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Now that he’s freed his narrative, Adam Scherr, formerly known as WWE Star Braun Strowman, is entering the next chapter of his career.

But before he fully moved on, Scherr looked back on his time with WWE in an interview as part of his involvement with Free The Narrative II. He made it clear that there’s no bad blood about his release, and he thanked the company and Vince McMahon for the experiences his run with the company gave him.

“Everything happens for a reason,” said Scherr. “I have no hard feelings at all, everything that WWE allotted me in life, it was ups and downs and hard times, good times, bad times, fun, I mean fun, so much fun. I’m so ever indebted to that company and to Vince McMahon and stuff like that because he gave me a shot at life that I could have never imagined. He gave me an opportunity to meet [EC3 and JC.]

“I would have never been able to travel the world, see the things that I’ve done, meet the people that I’ve done, fall in love with people that I’ve met through this business. And it’s something special and I’m so unbelievably humble for the experiences that I was able to experience with WWE.”

In recent weeks, various rumors have surrounded the former WWE Universal Champion’s future in wrestling. Subsequently, some fans have pointed out Scherr’s previous statement that he would never wrestle again once his WWE career ended. During the interview, Scherr shined some light on the matter by pointing out that his WWE run didn’t end by his own choice.

“I was forced to be done,” said Scherr. “I said I would never wrestle for another company when I took my boots off for WWE. I never took my boots off. I never had the opportunity to put them back on to come back to work. And I ain’t gonna lie, it sent me into a pretty bad place.”

To elaborate, Scherr described how he hit rock bottom following his release because he was crushed that his dream of being a WWE Superstar was taken away from him. That being said, he eventually saw that he still had a lot to offer, even without WWE’s platform.

“It’s one of those hard reality pills that I had to swallow and stuff like that, seeing literally my life’s work slip through my fingertips,” said Scherr. “Because I always said, like I felt like God put me on this earth to be a WWE Superstar, and for a while, he did. But in the realization of hitting what my rock bottom was, I realized that I was put on this earth to do more than that. I was put on this earth to inspire people.

Scherr then explained how, as the name suggests, Free The Narrative II gave him the freedom to express himself and work through his post-release struggles. He called his work on the show a therapeutic “life-changing” process to illustrate its impact on him.

“And what you guys have allotted me to do in Free The Narrative II is to not only fix myself, and what was going on with me, in my depression and my anger and my rage for things in my life that I couldn’t control, you gave me a platform and a place to be able to control me, to tear myself down, to be vulnerable,” said Scherr. “The Narrative was hard for me. A lot of it, I don’t remember what happened, what was going on because I was so caught up in the moment, I was so emotionally distraught that it was such a relieving, it was therapy.

“It was a life-changing thing for me to be able to let it out, to be vulnerable in front of people that I’ve never met before in my life.”

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