Adam Copeland Talks Working With Kelsey Grammar: ‘He Was So Much Fun’

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Adam Copeland Talks Working With Kelsey Grammar: ‘He Was So Much Fun’


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Adam Copeland was recently interviewed by ET Canada, where the WWE superstar spoke about some of the television shows he grew up watching, getting to work with Kelsey Grammar on the 2020 film Money Plane, and much more.

Check out some of the highlights below:

How he grew up watching Cheers and Frasier:

Here’s a little backstory to that, my mom and I the first show we really watched together, I had just become old enough to watch Cheers with her. So, Thursday nights we would watch Cheers together, then we would watch Frasier together. Now, her favorite actor bar none, nobody comes close … [to] Kelsey Grammar. Fast forward a few years, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She would be going through chemo and she would say, ‘I just want to go home and watch Frasier.’

On working with Kelsey Grammar:

It was such a great experience. It was so much fun, he was so much fun. Especially with some of his dialogue. I think that is going to shock people when they hear some of the stuff that comes out of his face in this movie.

Video: @EdgeRatedR shares what it was like to work alongside the legendary #KelseyGrammer on #MoneyPlane

— ET Canada (@ETCanada) July 11, 2020

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