Adam Copeland Reflects on His Career and Shares Entertaining Stories

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In a recent interview with The New York Post, WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland discussed his first month in AEW and how much he has enjoyed the creative process in Tony Khan’s company.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On what he’s noticed about AEW: “What I’ve noticed is the creative process and some of the freedom that comes along with that and I think that’s been really fun. Not that I haven’t had creative freedom, I’ve been very lucky in that regard over the years. But it’s different when there are not shareholders and it’s different when there is a different structure in that regard.”

On what he wants to do in AEW: “Tell stories and I think have more input into those stories, too. That to me is what I always thought we are is storytellers. To be able to have more of a voice in that regard is exciting. That’s not to say that I didn’t have that to a degree. Twenty-five years in a place (WWE) you are gonna have that trust and all of those things, but I also understood it’s a different animal. There’s more to answer to. With this, it feels like maybe just a few more chances taken in order to see what is gonna stick to the wall. Sometimes some isn’t gonna stick. It’s exciting the process to see what does. To sit down with a guy like Jay, with Christian and kind of start mapping out this story when we are at this stage of our careers, it’s just fun.”

On working full time in AEW and how he felt about his limited dates in WWE: “I think from their perspective and I see their perspective entirely, if we bring you out too much then it’s not special anymore. I get that. I really do. So it was for limited dates. With that though, you can’t really get into a proper story. You can’t really dive into what this thing could be. For me looking at it, it’s like I’m 49. I got a very, very limited time to capitalize on what I have left. Because three months off, that’s three months where I could have done some stuff. And I know it sounds great on paper and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a horrible place to be. But, if I’m gonna do this man. I want to do it. I want to try to craft some stories and do what I can while I can. So limited time, yeah, because I’m far closer to the end of my career than I am to the beginning. But still think I got some good stories that I can tell and a whole new roster of people who I’ve never touched before.”

On his friendship with Sting: “When I heard about some of his neck issues I reached out and then we maintained contact and became friends, just periodically check up on each other over the years. ‘How’s it going?’ ‘How you doing? I’d see something and go, ‘Are you OK after that?’ and I think vice versa. I said this to him in the ring and he didn’t know it was coming. I truly know after being in the same locker room with him, can’t say enough not only about the performer. Everybody knows that. He’s part of the reason like 100 percent of us got into the ring. But then as a man, how he conducts himself. He’s one of the good ones. So to get this chance at the tale end of both our careers, when there are limited dates for both of us at this stage and for Christian it’s very cool to be able to try to pass on some of that to Nick Wayne to Lucha’ to Darby Allin and have then do their own thing while still being in there with us. That’s what you get into this business for, for moments hopefully, we have on Saturday at Full Gear.”

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Adam “Edge” Copeland, the WWE Hall of Famer, recently sat down for an interview with The New York Post to discuss his first month in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and his experience with the creative process in the company. Copeland expressed his enjoyment of the creative freedom he has found in AEW and how it differs from his time in WWE.

One of the things Copeland noticed about AEW is the creative process and the freedom that comes along with it. He mentioned that while he has had creative freedom in WWE, it’s different in AEW because there are no shareholders and a different structure. This has made the creative process more fun for him.

When asked about what he wants to do in AEW, Copeland emphasized his desire to tell stories and have more input into those stories. He believes that wrestlers are storytellers, and having a voice in shaping those stories is exciting for him. While he acknowledges that he had some degree of creative control in WWE after spending 25 years there, he understands that AEW is a different animal with more chances to take risks and see what works.

Copeland also discussed his transition from limited dates in WWE to working full time in AEW. He understood WWE’s perspective of not bringing him out too much to keep his appearances special. However, he felt that limited dates prevented him from diving into proper storylines and capitalizing on what he has left in his career. At 49 years old, Copeland wants to make the most of his time and craft meaningful stories with a new roster of talent in AEW.

The interview also touched upon Copeland’s friendship with Sting. Copeland reached out to Sting when he heard about his neck issues, and they maintained contact and became friends over the years. Copeland praised Sting not only as a performer but also as a man, highlighting his conduct and influence on others in the industry. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Sting and Christian at this stage of their careers and pass on their knowledge to the younger talent in AEW.

In conclusion, Adam “Edge” Copeland’s interview with The New York Post sheds light on his positive experience in AEW and the creative freedom he has enjoyed. He looks forward to telling stories and having more input into those stories while working full time in AEW. Copeland also values his friendship with Sting and the opportunity to mentor and inspire the younger talent in the company.