Adam Copeland Discusses Upcoming Match with Christian Cage on AEW Dynamite and Shares Thoughts on Collaborating with Janela

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Adam “Edge” Copeland will challenge Christian Cage for the TNT Championship this Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite.

Copeland hyped the upcoming match on Twitter, writing,


For 40 years we’ve been through everything together. Triumphs. Losses. Births. Deaths. Forced retirements. Wednesday on @aew Dynamite we face each for the first time in 13 years. We haven’t wrestled each other for a title in 22 years. The TNT Championship. After both being told we’d never do this again. In Canada. Main Event. Bring it Montreal. I will. #copevscage

On a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, Impact Wrestling star Sonny Kiss discussed her partnership with Joey Janela in AEW, noting that it was Cody Rhodes who put them together.

Kiss said, Cody was very much like, ‘Hey, we’re going to send you guys to Atlanta to shoot this fun vignette.’ I kind of heard that they didn’t really like it. I thought it was awesome, but I don’t know if they actually didn’t like it or not. I didn’t hear that out of Tony’s mouth or anyone’s mouth, but I thought it was really fun. I thought that the story that we portrayed was very obvious. It was your partner trying to help you get back on your feet and someone that could relate to you. I think that was really, really fun … I think everything we did in that vignette was well received by the fans. I think Joey explained that there was something different, a different storyline for him or something … Our feud was too long, and our tag team didn’t last long enough in my opinion.”

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Adam “Edge” Copeland, a professional wrestler, is set to challenge Christian Cage for the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday night. This match has garnered a lot of attention and excitement among wrestling fans.

Copeland took to Twitter to express his anticipation for the upcoming match. In his tweet, he mentioned the long history between him and Christian Cage, stating that they have been through everything together for the past 40 years. He highlighted their triumphs, losses, births, deaths, forced retirements, and the fact that they haven’t wrestled each other for a title in 22 years. Copeland also emphasized that both of them were told they would never do this again, making the match even more significant. He ended his tweet with the hashtag #copevscage, indicating his determination to bring his best to the ring in Montreal.

The anticipation for this match is high, as it marks the first time in 13 years that Copeland and Christian Cage will face each other. The fact that it is for the TNT Championship adds another layer of excitement for fans. The TNT Championship is a prestigious title in AEW, and both wrestlers have a chance to prove themselves and add another accomplishment to their already impressive careers.

In addition to the Copeland vs. Christian Cage match, Sonny Kiss, an Impact Wrestling star, recently discussed her partnership with Joey Janela in AEW. Kiss revealed that it was Cody Rhodes who put them together and sent them to Atlanta to shoot a fun vignette. Although Kiss enjoyed the experience and believed that the story they portrayed was obvious, she acknowledged that their feud was too long and their tag team didn’t last long enough in her opinion.

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Overall, the upcoming match between Adam “Edge” Copeland and Christian Cage for the TNT Championship has generated significant excitement among wrestling fans. With their long history and the added stakes of a title match, this showdown promises to be a memorable one.