Adam Copeland Discusses Possibility of Reinventing Himself Upon Comeback, Commends Chris Jericho.

Adam Copeland Discusses Possibility of Reinventing Himself Upon Comeback, Commends Chris Jericho.
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In one episode of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Adam Copeland openly admired the latest character played by Chris Jericho – The Learning Tree.

Copeland voiced his support for Jericho’s new persona, stating,

My mindset hasn’t altered at all. Somehow, though, you rediscover yourself. However, every injury contributes to the development of the character I’ve been interpreting, which, frankly, is not that distant from my own character presently. This is the closest I’ve ever been between character and real-life [laughs]. There are times when you strive against the current, make it work, and do all sorts of other things. But because of my own story – the injuries, nine years out of work, the missed first year – I’m not sure how much I’ve transformed, to be honest. This seems like another case of a battle-hardened veteran making a comeback. But, the audience lets you know as well. I may face the possibility of being booed out of the building upon returning. I just don’t know. At the moment, watching [Chris] Jericho is a delight. He’s reinvented himself once again. He has embraced the criticisms, ran with it, and now he’s got Bryan Keith and Big Bill on his side. Jericho’s ideally suited to guide and illuminate those two characters. They can clearly handle their character work just fine. I’ve become a sudden fan of Bryan Keith’s character. I absolutely love it. Similarly, the seven-foot, 300-pound lean dude playing ‘the optimist professor’ – I love this too. Reinventing oneself has some merits, but I’m not certain if that applies to me in this case.

Copeland had to deal with a leg fracture during his match with Malakai Black at AEW Double Or Nothing 2024. The Rated-R Superstar hinted at potential changes in his character upon his comeback. He commented,

One part of me says, ‘You should reinvent yourself.’ However, each injury adds a new layer to the character that was I presenting, which, frankly, is not too distinct from who I am at this stage. I don’t think I have altered much. In my opinion, it’s just another case of an experienced veteran fighting back from another setback.

Due to the injury, Copeland had to give up the AEW TNT Championship and he went through a surgical procedure to repair the fracture.