Adam Copeland Discusses His Desired Opponents in AEW and Potential Involvement in Creative Decision-Making

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Adam Copeland (Edge in WWE) made his debut for All Elite Wrestling following the main event of AEW WrestleDream 2023.

During the post-show media scrum, Copeland revealed some names he’d love to face as a full-time performer in AEW and discussed if he will be involved in the creative plans.


You can see some highlights from the presser below:

On the names on his bucket list in AEW: “You know, when I talked to Tony I said, ‘Just in looking at the roster very quickly, there’s like 14 names. I mean, that’s just from a quick little cursory glance. But like I said, I’ve never faced Samoa Joe. That’s really exciting to me. I’ve never faced or been in the same ring as Jon Moxley. Highly interesting to me. Claudio [Castagnoli], never been in the ring. There’s so many different talent here that I have a lot of respect for, and I’d really like to feel what that is. Kenny Omega, like that’s never happened. I just met him, we’d never met before. There’s a lot here to see and to challenge myself with. And again, that’s — my entire life has been built on challenges. So to look at that, oh God. A guy like me, that’s a steak dinner waiting to be eaten.”

On if he’ll be involved backstage and in creative: “I’ve always been a person that enjoys that process in terms of being heavily involved in the creative process and the direction of storylines, helping at little things. But those little things, when you put them together start to weigh a lot. I love that, I love detail. Attention to detail, and just the little nuances, I love that. I watch movies and I go, ‘Oh, why’d they make that choice?’ I used to follow directors around and they’d be so annoyed, I’m like, ‘Why are you making that choice? Why are we turning around here? Why are we hitting this angle?’ I’d go to the DOP, ‘What’s going on here, what’s going on with this lighting?’ I’m just fascinated, it’s part of why I feel in love with this industry is just the storytelling element of it. It’s a form of art, and that’s how I’ve always looked at it. And now it’s an even more nuanced form of art because it’s so much more detailed, and the audience is so much more intelligent. So you have to work to that intelligence.

“And I absolutely plan to be helping out whoever wants help. Whoever comes and talks to me, I’m an open book. And my 31 years of experience, if you want to tap into that, I’m always — I’m a phone call, I’m a text, I’m a ‘come talk to me face to face’ away. That’s always been how I’ve been… so that’s part of what I bring to the table when I come here. And honestly, that was one of the really, really pivotal things besides my daughter saying I should go be with Uncle Jay and have fun, that I thought I could really kind of help here. And in turn, that helps the entire wrestling industry.”

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Adam Copeland, also known as Edge in WWE, recently made his debut for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) at AEW WrestleDream 2023. Following the main event, Copeland participated in a post-show media scrum where he discussed his future plans in AEW and his desire to face certain wrestlers. He also addressed his potential involvement in the creative process.

When asked about the wrestlers he would like to face in AEW, Copeland expressed his excitement about the talented roster. He mentioned names like Samoa Joe, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and Kenny Omega, stating that he has never faced them before and is eager to challenge himself against them. Copeland’s enthusiasm for facing new opponents highlights his passion for wrestling and his desire to continually push himself.

In terms of his involvement backstage and in the creative process, Copeland revealed that he has always enjoyed being heavily involved in shaping storylines and contributing to the direction of the product. He emphasized his attention to detail and love for the little nuances that make a difference in storytelling. Copeland’s background in acting and his fascination with filmmaking have contributed to his appreciation for the art of professional wrestling and its storytelling elements.

Copeland expressed his willingness to help out anyone who seeks his guidance or input. With 31 years of experience in the industry, he sees himself as an open book and is ready to share his knowledge and expertise. Copeland believes that his contributions can not only benefit AEW but also the entire wrestling industry as a whole.

His decision to join AEW was influenced by his daughter’s encouragement and the belief that he could make a positive impact within the company. Copeland sees himself as a valuable asset and is committed to helping AEW succeed.

In conclusion, Adam Copeland’s debut in AEW has generated excitement among wrestling fans. His desire to face new opponents and contribute to the creative process showcases his passion for the industry. With his wealth of experience and willingness to help others, Copeland’s presence in AEW is sure to have a positive impact on the company and the wrestling industry as a whole.