Adam Copeland Commends MJF, Powerhouse Hobbs Reflects on Intense Match Against Miro

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In a recent interview with NHL on ESPN’s The Drop, Adam “Edge” Copeland lavished praise on AEW World Champion MJF and analyzed what makes the 27-year-old wrestler stand out from the rest of the locker room.

Copeland said, “His confidence. You can do so much with confidence. You can make people believe with confidence. You can make people feel with confidence. Whatever feeling it is that you want to pull out of people. More than anything, that to me, is the key with him. He has supreme confidence with the microphone and he looks confident in the ring. Confidence translates, it really does. When you can tell someone is having fun doing what they’re doing, whether it’s poking the bear or whether it’s he’s everybody’s scumbag. Whatever that it, to me, it starts with confidence. That’s with any performer. Max has confidence and that’s honestly the first step. That can take ages for people and that can never happen for some people. I don’t think I fully felt comfortable until about 2005 is where I really started feeling my groove and my confidence and really come together. That’s when I started main eventing.”


On a recent edition of the “Chillin’ with ICE” podcast, former TNT Champion Powerhouse Hobbs reflected on his match with Miro at AEW All Out 2023.

The fans used several meat-related chants during their match and Hobbs referred to the bout as a ‘meatfest’. He said,

It’s our job to tell a good story, to make everyone believe it, to put people on their toes. For instance, I went up against Miro, who is a well-known name, at our pay-per-view in Chicago, and it was a Meatfest. What I mean by that is, it’s another big guy, 270 pounds, and we’re hitting each other hard. You have thousands of people chanting ‘we want meat,’ and it was good. It was just two guys hitting each other. We actually realized we could tell a good story by just beating the hell out of each other and the fans feeding off it. It’s also just listening to what the audience wants and you have to change things on the fly. A lot of stuff we did, was not planned, it was just going off the fly and feeding off the people.

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AEW World Champion MJF has been receiving high praise from fellow wrestlers, with Adam “Edge” Copeland recently highlighting what sets him apart from the rest of the locker room. In an interview with NHL on ESPN’s The Drop, Copeland emphasized MJF’s confidence as the key factor that makes him stand out.

According to Copeland, confidence plays a crucial role in wrestling. It allows performers to make people believe and feel certain emotions. MJF exudes supreme confidence both on the microphone and in the ring, which translates to his performances. Copeland believes that when someone is having fun and confident in what they’re doing, it resonates with the audience. He also mentioned that confidence can take time to develop for some wrestlers, but it is an essential step in their journey.

Another wrestler who recently shared his thoughts on a match experience is former TNT Champion Powerhouse Hobbs. During an episode of the “Chillin’ with ICE” podcast, Hobbs reflected on his match with Miro at AEW All Out 2023. The fans in attendance used various meat-related chants during their bout, leading Hobbs to refer to it as a “meatfest.”

Hobbs described the match as two big guys, weighing 270 pounds each, hitting each other hard. The crowd’s chants of “we want meat” added to the intensity and energy of the match. Hobbs emphasized the importance of telling a good story and adapting to what the audience wants. He mentioned that many of the moments during the match were unplanned and improvised, showcasing their ability to adapt and engage with the fans.

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Both MJF and Powerhouse Hobbs have demonstrated their skills and ability to connect with the audience through their performances. Their experiences highlight the importance of confidence, storytelling, and audience interaction in the world of professional wrestling.