Adam Cole’s Decision To Join AEW Was A ‘Fairly Easy One,’ Says I’m Going To Deliver And Excited To Do So

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Adam Cole’s Decision To Join AEW Was A ‘Fairly Easy One,’ Says I’m Going To Deliver And Excited To Do So

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Adam Cole is just getting started in the professional wrestling business.

Adam Cole made his AEW debut on Sunday night, then took questions from the media during a post-show scrum. Cole was asked about how his WWE contract situation played out, and he said it was a surprise to everyone involved.

“It was a surprise to me, it was a surprise to them. And then all of the sudden, I went from thinking December is when I’m going to start talking about a new contract, and it was like, ‘oh no, we’re talking about it in three days.’ So I know it was public knowledge to a lot of people that I had signed a little extension. I was involved in a really serious angle with Kyle O’Reilly, which was very important to me, he’s one of my best friends in the entire world. And then after that is kinda when stuff opened up for me. But yeah, very surprising to me, just as surprising to me.”

Cole also spoke about the decision to choose AEW over re-signing with WWE, and he noted that although WWE was a dream and a great experience, he really loved the idea of getting a chance to work with such a passionate group in AEW.

“When you think about where I was, that was technically my dream since I was nine years old. And then I’d seen everything that AEW is doing—I’ve been here countless times to support Britt [Baker] and hang out with the crew and it’s just the best crew. The shows are amazing, the fans are amazing, but at the same time, I’d really built myself a reputation for myself there [in WWE] as well. I knew in my heart pretty early on that I wanted to come here, and it’s no knock whatsoever on [WWE]. I had a very excellent four-year experience, but I wanted to come back and work with a crew who I love being around 24/7, a crew that is just as passionate about pro wrestling as I am, and fans that feel the exact same way that we do. Making the decision was a fairly easy one.”

Adam Cole was asked what his message to the AEW fans was, and he said he’s just excited to show why he’s going to deliver and his career is still in its infancy.

“I hope they realize that I’m just getting started in this sense. I’ve been doing this for 13-and-a-half years now, but I’m only 32, so I have a lot of time left in my wrestling career. As excited as I am, this is a whole new challenge. When I look at this roster, I see so many guys that I’ve never wrestled before. I see a whole crew of fans who are ready and excited for these awesome matches, I’m ready to show them that I can deliver. In every sense of the word, I’m going to deliver, and more importantly, I am excited to do so.”

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Adam Cole was the first one of two surprises that closed All Out, as Bryan Danielson also debuted on the pay-per-view on Sunday. Read more about their respective debuts at this link.

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