Adam Cole Would Relish The Opportunity To Retire Triple H

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Adam Cole Would Relish The Opportunity To Retire Triple H

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Triple H is very proud of his relationship with his NXT Superstars. Perhaps, there is no superstar that Triple H is more proud of than Adam Cole. However, Cole says, even with all of the mutual respect between them, he would like the opportunity to be able to say he retired Triple H.

Frequently referring to Adam as the Iron Man of NXT, Triple H has gone on record the praise the work ethic and output that the current NXT Champion provides every time he steps into the ring. Most recently, during a Twitter Q&A, Triple H would go so far as to say he would like to have seen Adam Cole alongside himself and Shawn Michaels as a member of D-Generation X during the group’s heyday.

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Speaking to Steel Chair Magazine, Adam Cole was asked about the possibility of retiring Triple H, he openly talked about the respect he feels for both Triple H and Shawn Michaels, but says he would not pass up the opportunity to be the one to truly beat “The Game.”

“Anybody on our roster would agree. We all idolized Triple H or Shawn Michaels as kids, and now we’ve grown up, we’re working together with them,” Adam said. “We’re really getting to see their minds and not only how smart they are, but how much they absolutely love this job. I wouldn’t pass that up for the world, that absolutely is something that I would love to do. I know many NXT talents feel the same way, and I definitely know a bunch of fans would love it.”

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