Adam Cole Unveils The Origin Of His ‘Bay Bay’ Catchphrase

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Adam Cole Unveils The Origin Of His ‘Bay Bay’ Catchphrase

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Adam Cole explains the origins of his famous catchphrase.

“Adam Cole, Bay Bay!” It is chanted in arenas around the United States and has been chanted in arenas around the globe when Adam Cole is in action. While there is an obvious correlation to Chris Jericho when thinking about the origins of the catchphrase, Adam Cole revealed, in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, that it is actually because of a 2009 match with Joey Matthews (Mercury) where it was actually Joey that kept raising his arms and saying his name and Adam realized that that was a good way to make sure people never forgot your name even if the show you were working on was a very small one.

“So I have been doing “Adam Cole Bay Bay” since 2009, but it didn’t catch on until about 2014. It kind of started early on in my wrestling career and had done a Maryland Championship Wrestling show. Joey Matthews [Joey Mercury in WWE] was on the show, and he was in the finals of the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup. He was the heel, and he was just walking around going “Joey Matthews!” and putting his fists up in the air, and he said it so many times. I remember sitting there and thinking that is so smart. If you are not really a hardcore wrestling fan, if you remember one name from that show, it’s going to be Joey Matthews. So I thought how can I incorporate that into my own thing? I’m a huge Chris Jericho fan, and when he would stand on top of someone, flex and go “come on baby!” I was like oh, I will do “Adam Cole Bay Bay.”

Now, Adam Cole is a member of the AEW roster and fans keep chanting his catchphrase every time they see him. A Super Elite way to be remembered.

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