Adam Cole Talks What The Future Holds, Love For NXT, And The Undisputed Era’s Friendship

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Adam Cole Talks What The Future Holds, Love For NXT, And The Undisputed Era’s FriendshipAdam Cole

After Adam Cole made his WWE Friday Night SmackDown debut last week with a huge victory over Daniel Bryan, it’s hard not to wonder what might be next for the up and coming superstar. In a recent interview with Metro about the victory, Cole talked about what he sees for the future, and how he would like to continue being the flag bearer for the world of NXT.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On what he envisions for the future of Undisputed Era:

Eventually there’s the thought process of maybe the Undisputed Era would like to take our body of work and go to Raw or Smackdown.

On NXT and his hopes for the brand:

I don’t wanna speak for them, but personally I’ve never been more adamant about wanting to stay part of NXT than I am right now. There’s something so cool about being part of something growing and becoming so special, especially with being NXT champion. So, I hope so badly that me and the rest of the guys are here for a long time.

On his friendship with the members of The Undisputed Era:

For anyone who’s followed my career, I’ve been friends with Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly for over a decade. I was in Kyle’s wedding, I was at Roderick’s wedding, we talk every single day, I think that’s a big reason the group has actually gone so well is the fans can tell that the relationship is genuine, it’s not an act or performance. Getting to share this with those guys has been awesome.

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