Adam Cole Says Pat McAfee’s Money Doesn’t Matter: ‘We’re Gonna End This Fool At WarGames’

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Adam Cole Says Pat McAfee’s Money Doesn’t Matter: ‘We’re Gonna End This Fool At WarGames’

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Adam Cole recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump and discussed NXT TakeOver: WarGames. He previewed The Undisputed Era’s WarGames match with Pat McAfee and The Kings of NXT. Cole vowed to end his personal rivalry with McAfee on Sunday night. Here are some highlights:

On his respect for Pat McAfee:

Cole: “Pat McAfee, I hope you’re listening. For it being your first professional wrestling match [at NXT TakeOver XXX], you were incredible. Again, a total natural. A guy who seriously held his own against the longest-reigning NXT Champion of all time. That’s impressive.”

On losing the WarGames Advantage Match:

Cole: “As far as us losing that WarGames Advantage Match, that’s huge. Every single WarGames that we’ve been in, Undisputed Era has won the WarGames Advantage Match. This is the first time, the first year that we don’t have the advantage going in. Of course that’s gonna make things more difficult. But again, we’ve fought through worse, we’ve come back from worse. I think experience is on our side.”

“They don’t care about each other. This is all about money to them. Those other three, it’s all about that paycheck. It’s about the fact that McAfee has the money, and he’s willing to throw it down. Undisputed Era is a brotherhood, so we can have the advantage or not have the advantage. Because at the end of the day, the brotherhood is gonna be stronger.”

On whether WarGames will be revenge for the Ridge Holland attack:

Cole: “Absolutely. And the crazy thing is, is all the insane things that have happened leading up to WarGames, this goes back so much further than that. Me and Pat for years have not gotten along. Me and Pat for years have had issues, whether that be on you know, the preshow at NXT TakeOver, whether that be on Watch Alongs, whether it be at NXT live events across the country. Adam Cole, Pat McAfee, we’ve never gotten along. Pat McAfee is the one who turned this super personal.”

“He starts hiring guys, again Ridge Holland, we can’t forget about this. He paid Holland a significant amount of money, as a matter of fact, in the form of a car, to try and take me out. The important thing about this is Pat McAfee can have all the money in the world. But at WarGames, your money does not matter. It does not matter. You are trapped inside two rings and a giant cage with the most formidable faction in NXT history. We’re gonna end this fool at WarGames.”

The full video is available here:

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