Adam Cole On Twitch: I’ve Built A Connection With These People, I Don’t Plan On Stopping Any Time Soon 

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Adam Cole On Twitch: I’ve Built A Connection With These People, I Don’t Plan On Stopping Any Time Soon

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Adam Cole‘s Twitch account has been a topic of discussion as of late, and now Cole has explained what the outlet means to him and the community he’s built.

Over the course of the last 18 months, Adam Cole has made a connection with his fans through his Twitch account and has a devoted following on the site. WWE’s third-party restrictions led to speculation that talent like Cole would be unable to continue on the platform, and it could impede contract negotiations when they came up. Asked during his post-show media scrum after debuting at All Out, Cole talked about what the Twitch community has meant to him personally.

“Twitch is something that I had kinda started over the pandemic. It was something that I had wanted to do for a long time but I didn’t really take the time to teach myself, and then when that happened and I had a bunch of time on my hands, I was like, ‘OK, no choice. No excuse, I have to do it.’ And initially, I did do it because I really like video games. Anyone who knows me knows I’m really passionate about that,” Cole said, “but then what started from the Twitch stream was this community of people that would all come together and literally share that passion over video games.

“I have gotten so many messages of people who are going through a really, really rough time and the only thing they looked forward to at that time were those streams. I’ve built a connection with a lot of these people, I know a lot of them by name. Social media can be a very nasty place sometimes,” Cole noted, “and there is none of that that exists in the Twitch stream. So, I adore doing that, I’m happy I’m still doing that, and yeah, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.”

Fightful Select recently reported that Cole was adamant about keeping his Twitch account if he were to re-sign with WWE, noting that a source said it was a “non-negotiable” item for him, and WWE higher-ups knew that it would be a point of contention well before Cole’s contract ran out.

Cole also spoke about his decision to join AEW being a fairly easy one and what he’s looking to prove in AEW; you can read his comments at this link. Cole’s absence from Being The Elite was also explained in a creative manner on this week’s episode of BTE, which you can see here.

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