Adam Cole On His Busy November, Holding The NXT Title Amidst A New Era

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Adam Cole On His Busy November, Holding The NXT Title Amidst A New Era

Adam Cole

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, finds a few brief moments to discuss just how busy his build to Survivor Series has been. In addition to defending his title at the PPV and fighting in War Games at Saturday’s TakeOver, Cole has defended the belt twice on WWE TV and just finished battling in a latter match to win the advantage for his team. “It’s been brutal physically, it’s been exhausting, but in the best way possible. These past few weeks have been so insane and so crazy.”

Despite the workload (and his ongoing recovery from a wrist injury that isn’t fully healed), Cole seems excited to be the man that WWE went with as NXT comes into its own as a third brand.

Seeing guys like Triple H and really WWE as a whole, believing in me enough to say, “Yeah, we’re going to throw all this stuff at this guy because we know he’s going to knock it out of the park. We know he’s going to do exactly what is asked of him, and then some,” is the coolest feeling in the world. Because having your peers and your superiors, just again, go to you as someone they can count on is a really, really good feeling.

When asked about if he’s ever able to stop and smell the roses, Cole recounts that he was able to for one moment earlier this month.

I remember sitting there and getting warmed up and looking over and seeing Bryan in the corner also getting warmed up, ready to go. And I’ve watched Bryan since I’ve been in middle school… Bryan was the guy that I had never wrestled before. So for him to do all that he’s done and become the absolute massive star that he is, for the first time for us to get the chance to wrestle in the main event of SmackDown, my debut on Smackdown, I was like, “Wow, this ride has been absolutely crazy and I want to make sure I enjoy it as much as I can.

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