Action Bronson On His AEW Look, Possibly Going Back To The Ring

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Rap artist Action Bronson just recently discussed his in-ring launching at AEW Grand Slam in 2015 and how all of it happened. For those uninformed, Bronson teamed with HOOK to handle the group of Angelo Parker and Matt Menard. You can have a look at a few of the highlights listed below.

On how the match at AEW Rampage Grand Slam happened:” I debuted my own shoe, Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Motherf ** king Queens in front of 20,000. I’ve done a great deal of insane shit and it’s tough to articulate often what I’ve done and I do not actually like to discuss it, however this was f ** king insane. I’ve been viewing wrestling for my whole life. I got the call from the ECW legend Taz, I hear that they’re doing some sort of huge program in Queens at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Grand Slam circumstance. Taz lets me understand, ‘Listen guy, we wish to do an angle.'”

On prepping for the match:” So I begin training. 10 weeks of training and remaining in the ring and everything culminated to me carrying out a tune that me and Harry Fraud made in 2014. Arthur Ashe Stadium, 20,000 individuals, offered out. Motherf * ckers shrieking. After I did the tune, I got in the ring and I battled. I did relocations, you understand? I did a f ** king running power slam. I revealed athleticism and it was since of the grip that I had from the shoe.”

On a possible go back to the ring:” I’m training. You see all of these middle ages utensils around, so I’m constantly all set. If you remain all set, you do not need to prepare yourself.”

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