ACH Talks AEW, NJPW And Not Being ‘Legally Clear’ Of WWE During Twitter Q&A

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ACH Talks AEW, NJPW And Not Being ‘Legally Clear’ Of WWE During Twitter Q&A

Photo Credit: Inspire Pro Wrestling

ACH held a live Q&A session on Twitter earlier today, talking about everything that has gone down since he publically quit WWE over a racist T-shirt. When asked about where he wants to perform, he states that he just wants to go anywhere he can showcase his ability and his talent. However, that doesn’t seem to involve signing another contract, so places like AEW are out. “I just left a place, why would I wanna sign with another place?” He does state that he’d rather go compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling, as there would be more to accomplish there.

Of course, none of that matters in the short term, as ACH is still under a WWE contract. The wrestler states that he’s not legally clear of the promotion, but he’s in a much better mental state since his walkout. He admits to suffering from anxiety, mood swings, and depression, but he doesn’t regret anything he said during his tirade. He also doubles down on calling the Jordan Myles shirt “completely racist.” “If that was their image of me, what does that say about the African American kids that watch?”

For more, including some talk on the belts he’d love to hold one day and his comments on Jay Lethal, you can check out the full half-hour stream archive embedded below:

Live Q & A

— Super A.C.H (@ACHisSuper) November 16, 2019

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