ACH Takes Shot At Shad Gaspard & Refuses To Apologize, Gaspard Issues Statement On Mental Health

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ACH Takes Shot At Shad Gaspard & Refuses To Apologize, Gaspard Issues Statement On Mental Health


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ACH addressed his critics on Twitter earlier today, and it isn’t going to please anyone that has found his recent behavior unprofessional. “I’m actually a really nice guy,” he wrote. “The internet has killed wrestling! It gave [people’s] opinions power or the idea that their opinions actually hold more weight than the next person. I’m not a role model. I’m not the voice of the voiceless. In fact, I’m a pretty damn good human.

“I’m the heart of the heartless, a leader, and more importantly I’m just a man who could careless about how i make you feel. To all my supporters, I see you. [Shout out] to all of you. This shirt is empowering me to make change. Have I voiced my feelings about things openly? You betcha! Do I plan [on] apologizing? Not at all. I’m not crying. I’m not whining. I’m standing up for my beliefs. Don’t like it … unfollow and block. Keep throwing your rocks and stones at me. It’s hard to hit me when I’m this high up! BEST WRESTLER IN THE WOLRD VIBES, b——.”

Prior to this, he took several shots at former WWE star Shad Gaspard, who had told ACH to “shut the f— up” and “grow up” previously. ACH photoshopped his racist t-shirt onto Gaspard’s face and posted several Joker GIFs to Shad’s tweets.


— Albert C Hardie (@ACHisSuper) December 10, 2019

However, Gaspard isn’t going to get into another back-and-forth with the former NXT wrestler. Instead, he issued a statement about mental health and his own battles with depression.

Check out Gaspard’s statement in full:

I’m not going to respond to Albert. I don’t Twitter fight, that’s childish.

What I would like to say to people watching this situation, understand that mental health is a condition millions of people deal with every day, including myself at times, including periods of deep depression. Those who want help go out and seek it, they then look for help through others. We do not hide behind it, or make excuses for our actions.

Better mental health is a daily exercise of accountability with support, not pointing the finger at others or lashing out at supporters or Photoshopping racist images.

For those who want help, I applaud you. For those who don’t, I say with experience that nothing negative you do now will help you. At some point you will either realize this, then seek help, and make amends with those you’ve hurt or not, and go down a path that will spiral down hurting no one but yourself. You will continue to shun those who love you until you’re all alone. I hope you choose the former rather than latter. Life is hard enough as it is. Just know that people are here, and they care enough to call you on your BS so you can understand, grow, and flourish into the best version of yourself.

Shad Gaspard

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