Aaron Stevens Extends a Warm Invitation to CM Punk, Emphasizing His Perfect Fit in the NWA

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CM Punk is more than welcome in the NWA, as long as it is good to business, according to fellow WWE-alum Aaron Stevens.

Punk was released from AEW in September following an investigation into the All In brawl with Jack Perry, and questions have remained as to where he will wrestle next.


Speaking to “Monte & The Pharaoh” the former Damien Sandow was asked about the possibility of Punk signing with the NWA. He said,

“If it was good for business, absolutely. Absolutely because the way our locker room is run, knowing Punk like I know him, he would fit right in. He gets a bad rep because the business is not the same as when him and I broke in, and I’m not saying it’s good, bad. Look, society’s changed. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing, but the business simply is not the same.”

NWA President Billy Coran has said that while he can’t offer Punk the monetary amount he deserves, Punk would have a ton of fun in the NWA if he joined.

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CM Punk, the renowned professional wrestler, has been a topic of speculation since his departure from AEW in September. Fans and industry insiders have been wondering where he will wrestle next, and one potential destination that has been discussed is the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).
According to former WWE wrestler Aaron Stevens, also known as Damien Sandow, CM Punk would be more than welcome in the NWA as long as it is beneficial for business. Stevens spoke about this possibility during an interview with “Monte & The Pharaoh.” He expressed his belief that Punk would fit right into the NWA locker room due to the way it is run and his personal knowledge of Punk. Stevens acknowledged that the wrestling business has changed over the years, and Punk has often received criticism because of it. However, he emphasized that society has evolved, and the industry is not the same as when they both started their careers.
NWA President Billy Coran has also weighed in on the potential addition of CM Punk to the organization. While Coran admitted that he might not be able to offer Punk the financial compensation he deserves, he believes that Punk would have a great time in the NWA if he decided to join. Coran’s statement suggests that the NWA values the experience and enjoyment of its wrestlers, which could be appealing to Punk.
The speculation surrounding CM Punk’s next wrestling venture has generated significant interest among fans and industry insiders alike. Many are eager to see where he will end up and how his presence could impact the wrestling landscape. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the possibility of Punk joining the NWA has sparked excitement and anticipation.
In conclusion, CM Punk’s potential move to the NWA has been a topic of discussion since his departure from AEW. Fellow wrestler Aaron Stevens believes that Punk would be a good fit for the NWA locker room, given its management style and Punk’s understanding of the evolving wrestling industry. NWA President Billy Coran has also expressed his belief that Punk would enjoy his time in the organization, despite potential financial limitations. As fans eagerly await Punk’s next move, the possibility of him joining the NWA has generated excitement and intrigue within the wrestling community.